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"Project Ukulele λέμε!!!!!!!"

Broken Age: Act 2 is the meaty main course that Act 1 should have been | GamesBeat

3 minutes ago - GB: Shay and Vella have been waiting 15 months to continue their story. Developer Double Fine Productions left the stars of Broken Age, its new... | Review | PC


Broken Age Review | PCGamer

3 minutes ago - PCG: And a year later, Broken Age is finally whole. I don’t think many of us were expecting over a year’s wait for its story to be concluded, for... | Review | PC

Devil May Cry 4's Special Edition Brings a Blast from the Not-too-Distant Past | USGamer

8 hours ago - USGamer: In recent memory, we've seen publishers reaching back one or two years at best when looking for HD remake source material. Some may view... | Preview | PS4


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 preview: wall running, co-op, and future tech | PC Gamer

10 hours ago - PCG: I'm playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 as Seraph, a female criminal assassin raised in Singapore's quarantine zone and one of nine Specialist... | Preview | PC


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Hands on with Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer | Destructoid

10 hours ago - DTOID: During my recent visit with Treyarch, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. After sitti... | Preview | PC


Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 PC requirements revealed

11 hours ago - Activision and Treyarch have revealed the PC requirements for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the information being disclosed as the publisher and devel... | News | PC


Halo:MCC HCS Cup cancelled because of joinability issues

11 hours ago - Halo via twitter: We're aware of and investigating party joinability issues. As a result, we'll be canceling HCS Cup #1, and apologize for the inc... | News | Xbox One


Donkey Kong 64 (Wii U) Review | NWR

20 hours ago - NWR: Donkey Kong 64 was often talked of as the game where Rareware overdid their tried and tested “collect multiple A to unlock area B” game desig... | Review | Wii U


Xenoblade Chronicles X Famitsu review translated

20 hours ago - This week’s issue of Famitsu has one of the first reviews for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Among four editors, the RPG earned scores of 9, 9, 8, and 8. | Review | Wii U


Operation Abyss Raises the Question, "How Old-School is Too Old-School?" | USGamer

21 hours ago - USGamer: Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy has surprised me. For starters, I'm surprised by the fact that NIS America is publishing the game in th... | Preview | PS Vita


Metropolis Defenders’ three-phase system detailed

21 hours ago - In Zettai Geigeki: Metropolis Defenders, Acquire’s upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita strategy games, players will defend the city from giant enemi... | News | PS3


Pokémon Rumble World Review | NLife

21 hours ago - NL: One of many spin-offs to come out of Nintendo's Pokémon phenomenon, the Rumble series takes toy versions of Game Freak's famous monsters and t... | Review | 3DS


Girl Friend Beta PS Vita dated in Japan

21 hours ago - Girl Friend Beta: Summer Vacation Spent With You will launch for PS Vita in Japan on August 20, Bandai Namco announced. | News | PS Vita


Psyscrolr (Wii U eShop) Review | NWR

21 hours ago - NWR: Psyscrolr is a poorly-designed game that you should not play. It’s about a boy, who might be a wizard, guided across the countryside by a mon... | Review | Wii U


Battleground Z Review | NWR

21 hours ago - NWR: I'll be blunt: I hate the zombie genre. It’s been done to death not only in games, but in every other form of media. So I was perfectly prepa... | Review | 3DS


Ninterview: Jeremy Parish On Cataloguing The History Of The Game Boy, One Game At A Time

21 hours ago - NL: The original monochrome Game Boy is the elder statesman of Nintendo's handheld family, having arrived on the market back in 1989. The console... | Interview | Industry


Playtonic Games Talk About Project Ukulele and More

21 hours ago - NWR: We recently had the opportunity to ask Playtonic Games some questions about their in-development spiritual successor to Banjo Kazooie, Projec... | Interview | PC


Mario Kart DS (Wii U) Review | NWR

21 hours ago - NWR: OK let’s get the weird facts out the way first; by the end of 2015, there will be four Mario Kart games available to download from the Wii U... | Review | Wii U


Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros. Edition (3DS) Hands-on Preview | NWR

21 hours ago - NWR: Puzzle & Dragons is a game that I rather enjoyed, but never really got into. With a Nintendo 3DS package arriving in May, I got the chance to... | Preview | 3DS


Final Fantasy IV: The After Year PC’s 31% Pre-Order Deal

21 hours ago - Siliconera: Its Square Enix’s MO as of late. Port remakes of classic from PS Vita or 3DS versions onto PC for Steam and grab those sweet sweet mar... | Article | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post
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