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The Forbidden Bonus In No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition Exposed For Leering Eyes

1410 days 2 hours ago - Marvelous announced No More Heroes: Red Zone Edition for Japan. Yes, this is another version of Grasshopper Manufacture’s game but there are featur... | News | PS3


PlayStationLifeStyle Preview: PSP Remembers Gundam Memories

1410 days 4 hours ago - The Gundam franchise has been as popular a subject of video games as it has been anime, especially in recent years. Now, Gundam Memories is ready t... | Preview | PSP


Visceral Games hiring for next Dead Space title

1410 days 17 hours ago - Visceral Games looks to have, unsurprisingly, had development of a new Dead Space title green-lit by publisher EA. | News | PC

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