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"Playing Games- that's what people do right?"

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Review | GoBoiano

1018 days 20 hours ago - Last year was pretty good to us as far as RPGs go. Among multiple pedigree releases in the genre, we saw the emergence of Capcom’s new Monster Hunt... | Review | Xbox 360


God Mode Review | GoBoiano

1020 days 7 hours ago - Welcome to Hades - Hell in a toga - the setting of “God Mode”; a new release developed by Old School Games and published by Atlus. Players gather i... | Review | PC


Tencent Announces Monster Hunter Online - MMO on the Cry Engine 3

1025 days 13 hours ago - Behold fellow monster hunters, a new MMO based on Capcom's Monster Hunter will be coming out soon on the PC, which will utilise Crytek's Cry Engine... | News | PC


Gaming Tale | Prototype 2 Review

1367 days 11 hours ago - Prototype 2 allows you to leap above buildings, soar through the air and slice and dice multiple enemies without care. It’s entertaining for the wh... | Review | PS3


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Avatar Planking Launch Trailer...

1443 days 17 hours ago - Just when the world was enough of this stupid prank, its now back in our Xbox 360s. | Video | Xbox 360


Gaming Tale | Dark Souls Review

1451 days 3 hours ago - Demon Souls has a small place in heart, even after it ripped it out and stabbed it repeatedly. It is no doubt that the game has made an impact with... | Review | PS3


Gaming Tale | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review

1455 days 2 hours ago - The Final Fantasy series is starting to slump; don’t get me wrong, I loved the heck of Final Fantasy XIII. But the decision to release a sequel-... | Review | PS3


GamingTale | Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Impact Review- PSP

1555 days 3 hours ago - The popularity of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 on the main consoles has caused CyberConnect2 to release a sort of spin-off on the PSP.... | Review | PSP


GamingTale | Battlefield 3 Review - PS3

1556 days 4 hours ago - The Battlefield series is one of the longest running and appreciated first person shooter series in the gaming scene. When Battlefield 1942 was rel... | Review | PS3


GameTrailers | StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm- BlizzCon 11: Cinematic Trailer

1571 days 1 hour ago - The StarCraft saga continues in this Heart of the Swarm cinematic trailer! | Video | PC


GameTrailers | Saints Row: The Third- Shock and Awesome Trailer

1574 days 19 hours ago - Enter the field of battle with these modern gadgets of warfare. The Shock and Awesome Trailer makes fun of the two big contenders this year; Bat... | Video | PC


IGN: The World's First 8-Core CPU Detailed

1580 days 10 hours ago - Last month, AMD earned a Guinness World Record for highest clocking speed ever recorded with its forthcoming 8-core CPU, code-named Bulldozer. Now,... | Article | Tech


Battlefield 3 Beta Date Announced + Additional Info

1601 days 20 hours ago - Battlefield 3 is one of the biggest releases in the year, and over the last few weeks everyone has been speculating over a date for the open and e... | News | PC


Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Review | GamingTale

1602 days 22 hours ago - Decade ago, the PC was on top of the gaming market. Games such as Half-life, Doom, and Unreal Tournament gave the PC gamer many top choices. But on... | Review | PC


GamingTale| Bastion PC Review

1611 days 19 hours ago - Bastion is an action RPG that has received many praised on the Xbox 360 and it has finally released on PC. Bastion is a great fun fully loaded indi... | Review | PC

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