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Smash Bros. 3DS - Greninja's damage-dealing taunt

17 days 3 hours ago - It seems like Luigi isn't the only one who can hurt someone with his Down Taunt, In Super Smash Bros 3DS and Super Smash Bros Wii U (Super Smash Br... | Video | Wii U


Smash Bros Series: Evolution of Taunts and Graphics Comparison

21 days 23 hours ago - It's been 15 years since the first Super Smash Bros came out for the Nintendo 64 with so many changes to the series but in this video is a comparis... | Video | Wii


The Sound And Fury Of 251 Angry Pokémon

23 days 13 hours ago - The first venture into full 3D for the second generation of pocket monsters, Pokémon Stadium 2 gave fighting poses and battle cries to all 251 Poké... | Video | Culture


It's Still Great Fun To Watch Game Characters Just Stand Around

24 days 23 hours ago - Master0fHyrule returns with even more video game characters amusing themselves in various ways while we're away. This time, he's got 75 idle anima... | Video | PC


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4 Classic Video Games for Ridiculous Perverts

33 days 10 hours ago - People born in the 70s was one of the first to grow up with video games, and now that they're all adults they deal with more adult themes. That's w... | Article | Culture


Super Smash Bros 3DS final smashes, compared to Brawl

35 days 20 hours ago - Youtube user Master0fHyrule has just posted a video that details veteran characters' new "final smash" moves from the upcoming 3DS title, comparing... | Video | Wii


Let's do nothing in video games

42 days 15 hours ago - Alright, put down your controller and lets watch and see what the characters do on their own. Some characters are funny when left alone and some a... | Video | Culture


What Video Game Characters Do When You're Not Controlling Them

43 days 3 hours ago - Yeah, video game characters are great when they're hopping, bopping, and shooting everything in sight, but the best reveal themselves when they're... | Video | Culture


104 Ways To Die In The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

45 days 19 hours ago - Not content to kill Link in 104 ways in Ocarina of Time, YouTuber MasterOfHyrule returns for another round of senseless deaths, this time in the si... | Video | Culture


104 Ways to Die in Zelda Ocarina of Time

84 days 10 hours ago - Balls in the face might be the deadliest of them all, but the other 103 threats were still dangerous enough to take out the Hero of Time. At least... | Video | Culture


The Five Best Songs About Donkey Kong

100 days 4 hours ago - On this day in 1981, the video-game juggernaut that was Donkey Kong first saw release. It was a game that broke new ground and keeps finding an aud... | Opinion piece | Arcade


7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Donkey Kong

102 days 18 hours ago - Today is the 33rd anniversary of the release of Donkey Kong to arcades, and the world was never the same. Today we thought we'd look at some things... | Article | Culture


10 Most Pointless Things Hidden in Video Games

102 days 20 hours ago - Pretty much every video game these days is going to sneak in an Easter Egg or two...or in the case of Borderlands 2, they occasionally sneak in a g... | Opinion piece | PC


Look How Much Smash Bros. Has Changed Over Nine Years

106 days 4 hours ago - The first Smash Bros. came out for the Nintendo 64 in 1999. The latest Smash Bros. came out for the Wii in 2008. So of course, the differences in... | Video | GameCube


Super Smash Bros Brawl VS Wii U/3DS Final Smashes Comparison

127 days 16 hours ago - This is a comparison between Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Final Smashes among the returning characters...A lot of old char... | Video | Wii


10 Games With Guinness World Records

129 days 15 hours ago - You hear about dedicated gamers breaking world records all the time when it comes to speed runs and marathon gaming sessions, but the games themsel... | Article | PC


Here are all the Final Smashes we know of so far in Super Smash Brothers Wii U

130 days 12 hours ago - If you have a few minutes to carve out of your rigorous Friday schedule and have been wondering what some of the Final Smash moves for some of Supe... | Video | Wii U


Mega Man's Final Smash Fully Revealed

133 days 17 hours ago - During the Tournament of Super Smash Bros Invitational, one of the fighters obtained the smash ball and was able to show off the full Mega Man's Fi... | Video | Wii U


5 Reasons Poor People Should Play Video Games

182 days 10 hours ago - America has become virtually obsessed with the idea that poor and struggling people are secretly greedy moochers living the easy life on a load of... | Opinion piece | Culture


Super Smash Bros: Here's All The Final Smashes We Know So Far

194 days ago - So, do you know all the Final Smashes of all the characters in Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U thus far? Here are all the final smashes so far! | Article | Wii U


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