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How to Set an Appropriate Atmosphere for Your Game

317 days 16 hours ago - A blog post about a philosophical concept known as 'embodied cognition' and how this applies to games and stories. | Article | Dev


Game Items as Character Building and Resource Management

323 days 5 hours ago - This is a special guest post written by Jakub Kasztalski, developer of steam game "Post Mortem: One Must Die." Learn the strategies for designing g... | Article | PC


The Secret Behind Persona 4's Loving Characters

337 days 14 hours ago - Learn how to use gameplay mechanics to portray character development and see how this applied to the Persona games. | Article | PS2


Storytelling in Games: An Essential Guide for Aspiring Writers Part 2

374 days 14 hours ago - A guide that teaches thematical analysis, how to use pacing appropriately and how to use symbolism with backed up scientific data. It also provides... | Article | PS2


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Storytelling in Games: How to Write an Amazing Story

405 days 12 hours ago - A guide on how to create amazing stories. Games with good storylines tend to stand out like a gem, because it's such a rare feature in games. This... | Article | PS2


Heroes of Newerth: Underrated item - Lex Talionis

568 days 3 hours ago - Lex Talionis: An item meaning the law of retaliation. This is a post about an often overlooked and very underused item in HoN. You rarely ever s... | Article | PC


Lets Play Shadowrun Part III

653 days 9 hours ago - Part III of the much anticipated lets play Shadowrun on SNES. ThoresZ and Rechief are the ones conducting this highly entertaining lets play. | Videocast | Retro


Lets Play Shadowrun - Part 2

663 days 6 hours ago - Here's the next 2 and a half hours of lets play shadowrun on SNES. This game is highly entertaining to watch because you don't have to fiddle aroun... | Videocast | Retro


Top Mistakes Made in HoN

670 days 9 hours ago - Here are some of the most common mistakes made by low level players in Heroes of Newerth. | Article | PC


HoN Top 5 plays of the week (April 19) Vol 68

676 days 20 hours ago - Scumbag Network brings to you top 5 plays vol. 68. Characters involved are Moraxus, Myrmidon, Behemoth, Rally, Magmus, Witchslayer, Fayde and Valky... | Videocast | PC


Thoughts on Resident Evil: Revelations

680 days 16 hours ago - Resident Evil Revelations is being released on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U next month. Is the game worth buying? | Opinion piece | PC


Lets play Shadowrun - an Unsung Classic RPG on SNES

690 days 10 hours ago - I don't think I've ever had more amusement watching a lets play than this one, not only because Shadowrun is such an awesome game, but also because... | Videocast | Retro


Top 10 Super Nintendo Games

696 days 12 hours ago - With all the talk going around about recent huge releases such as Bioshock Infinite, this would be a good time to talk about some of the older gene... | Opinion piece | Retro


6 Cool Flash Games You Must Try

698 days 12 hours ago - Flash games provide a short and satisfying gameplay experience for everybody including casual gamers, but with so much flash games out there, it's... | Article | PC


LIMBO Review | Gaming Point

699 days 10 hours ago - Limbo (game) is a puzzle platformer, developed by indie developer Playdead. | Review | PC

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