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Little Big Planet 2: Thoughts on gameplay from beta rooms event

1748 days 15 hours ago - Dualshockers: I recently got to the chance to play Little Big Planet 2 at Sony’s recent Beta Room event in the UK and I can sum up my experience wi... | Preview | PS3


EAT THEM! Preview of new PSN title

1750 days 19 hours ago - Giant tongue-faced blue lizard with cybernetic missile launcher attachments stomps through a city destroying everything in its path! If that hea... | Preview | PS3


PS Move hands on preview with Sports Champions

1751 days 20 hours ago - Dualshockers: After watching Star Wars some kids prayed for the day they would get a motion controlled lightsaber video game, after watching Rocky... | Preview | PS3


Gran Turismo 5 - new 3D footage from Sony Beta Rooms event

1754 days 22 hours ago - Dualshockers: This is the game that racing game fans the world over have been waiting for – Gran Turismo 5. I got to spend some time with the 3D ve... | Preview | PS3


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

Motorstorm Apocalypse is the Uncharted 2 of driving games

1755 days 16 hours ago - Dualshockers: I recently got to play a pre-alpha version of Motorstorm Apocalypse at the Sony Beta Rooms event in the UK. I was amazed at how cinem... | Preview | PS3


Kinect IS a new console - you better believe it

1756 days 22 hours ago - Dualshockers: When Microsoft first announced Kinect as Project Natal then one of the phrases that they threw around was that they were treating it... | Article | Xbox 360


Why can't developers get multiplayer gaming right?

1771 days 19 hours ago - Dualshockers: Online multi-player gaming has, for me, completely eclipsed the single player experience so much so that it takes a rare gem such as... | Article | PC


What if the Virtual Boy had been a success?

1780 days 23 hours ago - Dualshockers: The Virtual Boy was a handheld that clearly wasn’t a handheld, not only that but it was neither capable of VR graphics nor was it a b... | Article | Culture


What the UFC's fighters think of UFC 2010

1787 days 16 hours ago - Dualshockers: The Games4M team are massive MMA fans so we were on the edge of our seats waiting for the release of UFC Undisputed 2010. In this Gam... | Video | PSP


MGS:Peace Walker video preview

1812 days 1 hour ago - Dualshockers: With just a few weeks to go until its western release I take a look at what MGS: Peace Walker brings to the table and explain why die... | Preview | PSP


IGN UK - Alan Wake review

1841 days 14 hours ago - IGN UK: Hang onto your hats horror fans! It's time for the unlikely videogame comparison of the day! Alan Wake: it's a bit like Atari's 2008 reboot... | Review | Xbox 360


Final Fantasy 13 - What the hell happened ?

1850 days 17 hours ago - Games4M: In this video we take a look at Final Fantasy 13 and compare it against the innovation and diversity of what many people consider the grea... | Article | 1, 2


Why you should buy a PSP GO

1854 days 17 hours ago - Games4M: PSP Go, probably the gayest name for a device since the Nintendo bumlove, and one which I instantly turned my nose up at. Of course the PS... | Article | 4


I Am A Satanic Occultist;This Industry Is Full Of Hate & Propaganda Against My Religon

1867 days 9 hours ago - repond to the article "I Am A Christian; This Industry Don't Give A Crap About Me" My name is Rob Bateman and yes,... | Article | 11

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