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New Maplestory Hero Revealed

743 days 17 hours ago - The new hero, Hayoto has been revealed and some pictures and a video have been released. | News | PC

Grown man attacks a Child Over a Yu-Gi-Oh Game

834 days 4 hours ago - A man and a child were playing a Yu-Gi-Oh card game in a card shop. A normal activity it may seem but when the boy stood up to leave, the man is re... | News | Culture


Elite: Dangerous and a Look Back at Elite

835 days 16 hours ago - I wasn’t born when Elite was released onto the world but my god have I seen the revolutionary impact that game has had on the industry. Elite is a... | Article | PC


Sphero Glide, Pilotwings 64 Inspired That Uses Its Own Controller: Funded

836 days 6 hours ago - Sphero Glide saw successful completion of its Kickstarter campaign this weekend reaching their goal of $10,000. Sphero Glide, developed by the Grai... | News | iPhone


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Anita Sarkeesian at TEDxWomen

839 days 20 hours ago - Anita Sarkeesian explained at TEDxWomen the story behind the awful abuse she had been subjected to over her her kickstarter project “Tropes Vs Wome... | News | Culture


Did You Say “Cyberpunk Adventure Game”?

840 days 6 hours ago - Yes, such I thing does exist in the PC download market under the name Primordia. Primordia is a new point and click title from Wormwood Studios wit... | Article | PC


Super Hexagon: My Experience

840 days 19 hours ago - I have spent money for both my fingers to ache and my eyes to be stressed… And I’d do it again. The truth is that I have done it again. Super Hexag... | Article | Retro


The Last Door Kickstarter Campaign Gets Playable Teaser

842 days 20 hours ago - Indie horror The Last Door, on Kickstarter since the 21st of November has released a short playable prologue for the title in order to give potenti... | News | Arcade


EVE Online Becomes Art

843 days 7 hours ago - The colossally popular MMO EVE Online has been accepted into New York’s Museum of Modern Art along with 13 other titles as part of a permanent coll... | Article | PC


Why is Bioshock Infinite's Cover Art so...Very Disappointing?

843 days 7 hours ago - With the unveiling of Bioshock Infinite's box art becoming released to a very unfriendly reception we all sit and wonder how on earth they settled... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Indie Game of the Year Awards

843 days 18 hours ago - With the end of the coming year IndieDB will once again be searching for the best of the lot. A lot of games have gotten acclaim from wearing the i... | News | PC


2,000 Beta Keys Available for Industrial Age Fantasy RPG Playable in the Browser

845 days 1 hour ago - PointMMO has announced that it has 2,000 beta keys to give away for City of Steam’s beta, later today. | News | PC


Origin’s Advent Calender Starts Today

845 days 18 hours ago - Love it or hate it, there’s usually a lot of deals coming from EA’s rival to Valve’s Steam. | News | PC


Ubisoft More Than Ready for WiiU Launch

845 days 21 hours ago - With the Wii U finally launched in the UK & Ireland last night Ubisoft have certainly loaded up. Seven of their titles ready for launch means that... | News | Wii U


Legends of Aethereus Beta Given to Pre-Order Customers

845 days 21 hours ago - If you have $25 (around £15) and are looking for a co-op sandbox RPG with crafting elements well you could put that money into pre-ordering Legends... | News | PC


Bethesda Softworks’ PC games on sale in the UK

846 days 10 hours ago - Games from Bethesda are now available in the UK. Titles such as Fallout New Vegas Ultimate, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion® 5th Anniversary Edition... | News | PC


8 Bit Boy Free Trial Giveaway

847 days 21 hours ago - For a limited amount of time, 8 Bit Boy has a free trial where you can see whether you like it or not | News | PC

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