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5 reasons the Playstation 4 will crush the competition

452 days 15 hours ago - Sony has never looked better heading into a new generation of gaming. The Japanese company, which owns music, movie and TV networks, has focused so... | Opinion piece | PS4


League Of Legends' EdWard Explains What It Takes To Be A Pro Gamer

456 days 19 hours ago - Edward "EdWard" Abgarya has come to America from Russia, following his dream of becoming one of the best pro gamers in the world. Considered one of... | Interview | Culture


GameStop President Tony Bartel Believes Used Games Playback Will Play Key Role In Next Gen War

473 days 8 hours ago - Forbes - GameStop President Tony Bartel was one of the 48,200 attendees who made the annual pilgrimage to E3 2013 in Los Angeles this week. The exe... | Article | PS4


Despite A Strong E3 For PlayStation 4, Analysts Expect Microsoft And Sony To Have A Close Race

475 days 3 hours ago - Sony has emerged as the early winner in the next generation console race, thanks to its open system and the ability for PlayStation 4 to play used... | Article | PS4


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Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Could Be The End Of Video Game Consoles

478 days 15 hours ago - Forbes - The world will focus on the next generation of gaming at E3 in Los Angeles this week, as over 35,000 industry professionals gather at the... | Article | PS4


Warren Spector Said If Publishers Didn't Overcharge For Games People Wouldn't Have To Buy Them Used

480 days 13 hours ago - With Microsoft officially revealing the details of its used games offerings last night online, the Xbox One has come under attack from gamers and m... | Article | Xbox One


Analyst Believes Xbox One And PS4 Could Solve Used Games Issue By Looking At PC

481 days 17 hours ago - Forbes - One of the biggest issues heading into E3 2013 in Los Angeles remains the specifics surrounding how used games will play on Microsoft’s Xb... | Article | PS4


Fast & Furious 6 Racing To $275.5 Million Global Box Office While Activision Game Crashes

492 days ago - Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tag-teamed to drive Fast & Furious 6 to number one domestically with $98.5 million over the weekend. The s... | Article | Xbox 360


Samsung Galaxy S4 Changes The Game For Electronic Arts

494 days 21 hours ago - Forbes - With much of the gaming world still focused on Microsoft MSFT -1.3%’s Xbox One and Sony ’s PlayStation 4, there’s a brand new gaming devic... | Article | Android


Xbox One Social Media Buzz Reveals Microsoft Frustrated Many Gamers

495 days 19 hours ago - Gamerhubtv - With the world as its stage and a lot of time to get things right after Sony’s PlayStation 4 press conference in New York City, Micros... | Interview | PS4


Xbox One Fan Reaction Shows Microsoft Has A Lot Of Work To Do

496 days 18 hours ago - Forbes - The crews have cleared away the demo stations and the journalists, analysts and publishers are back at work or traveling today, but the af... | Article | PS4


Star Trek Into Darkness Weak $84 Million Domestic Box Office Follows Paramount Video Game Flop

499 days 10 hours ago - Forbes - Despite having a decent Metacritic rating of 73, the Star Trek Into Darkness movie failed to build on the domestic success that the origin... | Article | PC


Sony PlayStation 4 Riding Wave Of Twice The Social Media Buzz Of New Microsoft Xbox

500 days 13 hours ago - Forbes - Sony was smart to get the head start on Microsoft in a next gen console battle that figures to be a two-company race, as Nintendo struggle... | Article | PS4


Plantronics Exec Believes League Of Legends ESports Pros Could Have The Power Of NBA Stars

502 days 13 hours ago - Forbes - When it comes to pro sports, the NBA Playoffs are currently dominating the headlines as stars like LeBron James and Stephen Curry entertai... | Article | PC


Black Ops II Hollywood Scribe David Goyer Wants To Make A Da Vincis Demons Game

505 days 5 hours ago - Gameskinny - Hollywood producer and writer David S. Goyer has helped craft comic book heroes like the Dark Knight and Superman in movies like The D... | Article | PC


Samsung Galaxy S4 Opens New Mobile Gaming Options For Gameloft

505 days 15 hours ago - Forbes - Game publisher and developer Gameloft has thrown its support behind the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. The game maker has been active a... | Article | Android


Oculus Rift And Sony Help CCP Games Expand EVE Universe Beyond Online PC Gamers

507 days 15 hours ago - CCP Games is doing a lot of smart things. After focusing on growing a robust and dedicated hardcore PC gaming audience with its EVE Online game ove... | Article | PC


WWE Superstar R-Truth Explains What's Up With His Video Game Skills

511 days 15 hours ago - Ronnie Aaron Killings is better known to millions of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans as R-Truth, the superstar rapper with a personality a... | Interview | Xbox 360


Neither Sony PlayStation 4 Nor New Microsoft Xbox Console Will Block Used Games

512 days 11 hours ago - Forbes - According to video game analyst Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities, neither of the next generation consoles that are launching this f... | Opinion piece | PS4


Iron Man 3 Soars Past $680 Million In Box Office With Only Mobile Game Tie-In

513 days 8 hours ago - Before Disney purchased Marvel for $4 billion in May 2012, Sega had released console and PC games based on the first two Iron Man movies. With Iron... | Article | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

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