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5 video games with cool Christmas-themed content

8 days 7 hours ago - Here's NR's list of Christmas-themed video games this year. | Opinion piece | PC


Dragon Age: Inquisition – Unlimited materials/gold exploit (PS4 tested)

34 days 2 hours ago - Nerd Reactor: An easy three-step method for those on PS4 (XB1 doesn't work, not tested with PC yet) to exploit the game's war room system into a so... | Article | PS4


Overwatch needs to be free-to-play (opinion)

44 days 5 hours ago - Nerd Reactor: Although TF2 and L4D went the route of being full-fledged game releases, it would seem to me that in order for Overwatch to achieve D... | Opinion piece | PC


Why 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' being an Xbox One exclusive is a smart move

135 days 21 hours ago - NR's Cory talks about why the second Tomb Raider game going to the Xbox One is a smart move. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Are you bored?

Now - Watch 10 seconds videos about games and game culture at COUB Gaming... | Promoted post

Dead Island to become a live-action zombie flick

146 days 3 hours ago - Dead Island will become a live-action zombie flick. | News | Culture


10 essential tips/tricks for Destiny Beta Guardians

156 days 6 hours ago - Nerd Reactor does the 10 essential tips/tricks for Destiny Beta. | Article | Xbox 360


Street Fighter gets a dance music video

188 days 9 hours ago - This may be the best Street Fighter video you'll see...or the worst. | Video | Culture


Bad gamer stereotypes

189 days 11 hours ago - Nerd Reactor does a list of bad gamer stereotypes. | Video | Culture


First look inside the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing

200 days 19 hours ago - Nerd Reactor gives you a first look inside the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing. | Image | Culture


E3 2014 Los Angeles Convention Center photo gallery

201 days 15 hours ago - Nerd Reactor goes to the Los Angeles Convention Center and snaps photos of E3. | Image | Culture


Did Kojima cross the line with sexual abuse in MGS V: Ground Zeroes? (Nerd Reactor)

269 days 15 hours ago - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes contains some graphic elements including sexual abuse. Did Kojima cross the line? | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PS3 review) - Nerd Reactor

274 days 8 hours ago - Nerd Reactor's Jose reviews Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z for the PS3. | Review | PS3


Dark Souls 2 Review - Nerd Reactor

289 days 15 hours ago - Nerd Reactor: It's that time again where you will kill, die and rinse and repeat for as long you can keep your sanity. Dark Souls 2 is the newest s... | Review | PC


Top Ten reasons why you should not buy ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ for your kids

295 days 13 hours ago - Nerd Reactor gives their top ten reasons why parents should not be buying South Park: The Stick of Truth for their kids. | Article | PC


Roger Craig Smith on following Kevin Conroy's iconic Batman in Arkham Origins - Nerd Reactor

470 days 21 hours ago - Roger Craig Smith reveals whether he was nervous or not when following up on Kevin Conroy's Batman in the Batman Arkham games. | Interview | PC


Interview with the new Batman from Batman: Arkham Origins, Roger Craig Smith

472 days 17 hours ago - Nerd Reactor interviews Roger Craig Smith about his role as young Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. He talks about Batfleck, him being a superhero,... | Interview | PC


Our destructive love affair with random number generators

514 days 9 hours ago - NR: You and your companions have been fighting your way through a monster filled cesspool of a dungeon for several hours. Enemies have been slain a... | Article | Culture


Review: The Stinky Footboard (PC) - Nerd Reactor

518 days 16 hours ago - Nerd Reactor reviews the Stinky Footboard for the PC. | Review | PC


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Test Phase 3 (PC) - Nerd Reactor

527 days 21 hours ago - Nerd Reactor: Impressions on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Test Phase 3 | Preview | PC


Interview with The Last of Us writer Neil Druckmann l Nerd Reactor

615 days 18 hours ago - Nerd Reactor interviews The Last of Us writer, Neil Druckmann, on the game's inspiration and the mature content. | Interview | PS3


Get paid to review products

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