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Sonic Generations review - Gamedot

1174 days 2 hours ago - "This is a great addition to the Sonic franchise. It makes a few missteps, but this is still the healthiest Sonic has looked in, well, decades. The... | Review | PC


The War of the Worlds review - Gamedot

1176 days 20 hours ago - " of Sci-Fi, self-induced punishment or a staggeringly difficult achievement (play through the game in one sitting without dying?!) may find... | Review | Xbox 360


The House of the Dead: Overkill - Extended Cut review - Gamedot

1179 days 9 hours ago - "It won’t feel like a chore to complete Overkill several times over, mainly because it doesn’t matter what the story is as you won’t take much noti... | Review | PS3


Battlefield 3 review - Gamedot

1180 days 1 hour ago - "It’s a crying shame that those who support COD as a fan will not try Battlefield 3. Even more so now that its single player is as spectacular as C... | Review | Xbox 360


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The Adventures of Tintin review - Gamedot

1181 days 1 hour ago - "Tintin is a simple platformer which spectacularly fails to capture the art-style of its inspiration, has some rubbish minigames, but which manages... | Review | Nintendo DS


Batman Arkham City review - Gamedot

1181 days 2 hours ago - "Batman Arkham City is a must have game. Its dark humour, the attention to detail, its animation system and its commitment to being true to its sou... | Review | Xbox 360


WRC 2 review - Gamedot

1186 days 2 hours ago - "...WRC 2 is another strong title from Milestone and Black Bean, with the Road to the WRC certainly taking most, if not all of your attention while... | Review | PC


Ace Combat Assault Horizon review - Gamedot

1192 days 18 hours ago - "... it manages to be the most beautiful Ace Combat yet, accompanied by a soundtrack as dramatic and thrilling as the action it accompanies." | Review | Xbox 360


Just Dance 3 review - Gamedot

1198 days 6 hours ago - "The clue is in the game’s title; Just Dance is all that is on offer here folks. With the added extras of “Just Create” and the online shop for add... | Review | Wii


Dungeons: The Dark Lord review - Gamedot

1201 days ago - "The mash-up of dungeoneering and theme park management is a thematically dissonant one – trying to please the heroes who come to your dungeon befo... | Review | PC


RAGE review Gamedot

1202 days 1 hour ago - "Id Software has once again developed a fantastic title in RAGE. It looks great, plays great and keeps you hooked for hours on end. The biggest dis... | Review | PC


X-Men: Destiny review - Gamedot

1207 days 5 hours ago - "...X-Men Destiny is a shallow beat-em-up with basic role-playing elements and a poorly told story in the background. It’s as short as it is simple... | Review | Nintendo DS


Gamedot: Gears of War 3 Review

1208 days 15 hours ago - "With Epic’s fantastic attention to detail and their almost hostile love of their favourite son, Gears 3 was always going to be something special a... | Review | Xbox 360


Trackmania 2: Canyon review - Gamedot

1209 days 1 hour ago - "... it’s a racing game whose idea of a sensible racing track is similar to that of the classic Stunt Car Racer, only more dramatic." | Review | PC


Dark Souls review - Gamedot

1209 days 3 hours ago - "Dark Souls is not for the faint hearted. It will not be suitable for those looking for an arcade RPG. You will not find any amount of relaxing or... | Review | Xbox 360


Men of War: Vietnam Review - Gamedot

1218 days ago - "Men of War fans should stay away, while fans of the Commandos experience would be best off sticking with Pyro’s early titles." | Review | PC


Backbreaker Vengeance review - Gamedot

1221 days 12 hours ago - "The price is a little bit steep, but Backbreaker Vengeance is a well made title that will quite easily keep you entertained for a few hours at a t... | Review | PS3


Renegade Ops review - Gamedot

1221 days 12 hours ago - "... Renegade Ops has retained all the explosive action you can shake a broomstick at, but also the stomach churning cheesy dialogue, delivered wit... | Review | PC


El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron review - Gamedot

1221 days 15 hours ago - "While El Shaddai is a fantastic looking game, the mere fact that it confuses so much and with little explanation will hinder its success." | Review | Xbox 360


Warhammer 40000: Space Marine review - Gamedot

1226 days 6 hours ago - "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine is a healthy start from Relic Entertainment and if the issues in WH40SM are addressed it is a great platform from w... | Review | PC


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