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Final Fantasy XIII-2 review - Gamedot

1451 days 7 hours ago - "Let us say straight away however – FFXIII-2 is a very good game, fans of Final Fantasy and of any JPRG will be happy with their experience from st... | Review | Xbox 360


UFC Undisputed 3 review - Gamedot

1451 days 7 hours ago - "The balance that exists within UFC Undisputed 3 is something the developers should take Pride in. The less experienced UFC gamers can take comfort... | Review | Xbox 360


King Arthur II review - Gamedot

1451 days 7 hours ago - "As it stands, the game is an exercise in frustration which I can’t recommend despite the admirable stream of patches being released. It simply isn... | Review | PC


Catherine review - Gamedot

1457 days 7 hours ago - "Catherine isn’t a game just for the puzzle fans, or just for those who love anime. This is a game that is so different to anything else on the mar... | Review | Xbox 360


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SoulCaliburV review - Gamedot

1465 days 22 hours ago - "he SoulCalibur series was in danger of losing its identity and itself falling into the annals of history. SoulCalibur 5 however, reintegrates the... | Review | Xbox 360


Greedy Penguins review - Gamedot

1467 days 1 hour ago - "Greedy Penguins is a run of the mill concept, but with some gameplay highlights that may elevate it above the rest of the Angry Bird imitators in... | Review | iPhone


Order Up!! To Go review - Gamedot

1469 days 20 hours ago - "Order Up – To Go proves itself as a very polished time management title in a very crowded marketplace. It can easily swallow up many hours of your... | Review | iPhone


A hardcore wedge? Gamedot opinon

1471 days 16 hours ago - "Are hardcore gamers being pushed out? It’s a question I found myself asking a few years back, but thought nothing of it until recently – Modern Wa... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Wipeout 2048 intro trailer

1479 days 21 hours ago - Sony have released the intro trailer for upcoming PS Vita title Wipeout 2048. | Trailer | PS Vita


CRUSH3d launch trailer

1489 days 5 hours ago - SEGA have released a launch trailer for CRUSH3D ahead of the games launch. | Trailer | 3DS


Street Wrestler iOS review - Gamedot

1489 days 10 hours ago - "If you are a fan of Final Fight, Mexican wrestling and don’t mind replaying the relatively short levels to try out the different wrestlers then yo... | Review | iPhone


Trine 2 review - Gamedot

1492 days 8 hours ago - "When the eternally-fresh gameplay and excellent presentation come together, along with the extra excitement of local and online co-op multiplayer,... | Review | PC


Unity of Command review - Gamedot

1496 days 23 hours ago - "It manages to create an authentic, challenging game without ever falling back on overwhelming complexity or opaque rules to up the difficulty. It... | Review | PC


Rayman Origins review - Gamedot

1525 days 7 hours ago - "Origins is a fascinating, entertaining, beautiful and lovingly crafted game that above all else is thoroughly enjoyable and fun. I honestly cannot... | Review | Wii


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review - Gamedot

1528 days 4 hours ago - " have never played a more complex or rewarding game. It makes the real world look bleak and desolate and I crave the variety of adventure that Sky... | Review | PC


Saints Row The Third review - Gamedot

1528 days 4 hours ago - Yann did plan to review Saints Row The Third, but someone decided to take the pen and paper from him. See what Saints Row The Third has to say on S... | Review | PC


WWE 12 review - Gamedot

1528 days 11 hours ago - "Yuke’s and THQ are trying to move on from the Smackdown Vs RAW years and they needed a strong start. WWE 12 is exactly that. Smackdown Vs RAW 2011... | Review | Wii


Assassin's Creed Revelations review - Gamedot

1540 days 23 hours ago - "Revelations is not as revolutionary as Assassin’s Creed, as evolutionary as Assassin’s Creed 2, or as refined as Brotherhood, but it takes all tha... | Review | PC


Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary review - Gamedot

1540 days 23 hours ago - "... The story is just as gripping and with co-operative, multiplayer, 3D and Kinect integration, there’s very little reason not to jump into the C... | Review | Xbox 360


GoldenEye Reloaded review - Gamedot

1542 days 6 hours ago - "...a fantastic package that rewards older players with nostalgia... and allows younger players a chance to see what all the fuss is about..." | Review | Xbox 360


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

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