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Zen Bound 2 Gamedot review

1613 days 15 hours ago - "...for such an atmospheric game with flowing gameplay, nerve calming music and sounds, it doesn’t seem to be about progress as such, more of the e... | Review | iPhone


Top Gun 2 iPhone review from Gamedot

1613 days 16 hours ago - "Whilst the presentation seems to be 80’s inspired, I fear it’s from laziness rather than design. The original iPhone game had 10 missions, this on... | Review | iPhone


Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Gamedot review

1619 days 11 hours ago - "Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days does do a hell of a lot right, but the things it does wrong are as clear to see as the main lights of the stores in China... | Review | PC


Mafia II Gamedot demo impressions

1626 days 16 hours ago - "The demo is awesome, and the urge to replay it again is easily there. The graphics are sharp and crisp and possibly the new benchmark for sandbox... | Article | PC


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Spirit Gamedot review

1627 days 9 hours ago - "Spirit attempts to emulate Geometry Wars and its sequel, while attempting to change the gameplay enough to try and convince you that you’re playin... | Review | iPhone

Commander: Conquest of the Americas Gamedot review

1638 days 21 hours ago - Commander: Conquest of the Americas is slightly lacking in some aspects. But it does make up for it in everything else it offers. If you are a fan... | Review | PC


Blacklight: Tango Down Gamedot review

1640 days 10 hours ago - "This game over all doesn’t really bring anything new or innovative as far as FPS titles go. Everything in it has been done elsewhere, and has prob... | Review | PC


Limbo Gamedot review

1643 days 7 hours ago - "Limbo is one of those rare games which goes the extra distance and becomes a work of art. Although the twist here is that Limbo was originally art... | Review | Xbox 360


Crackdown 2 Gamedot review

1664 days 8 hours ago - "Some people argue that Crackdown did well because of the Halo beta offer. There’s no such argument to be had concerning Crackdown 2. Simply put, t... | Review | Xbox 360


Joe Danger Gamedot review

1664 days 13 hours ago - "Joe Danger is full of 80’s cliché and charm. Joe is a truly likeable character, and the variety of goals and gameplay will have you coming back lo... | Review | PS3


Naughty Bear Gamedot review

1674 days 12 hours ago - "This game is definitely something unique and interesting that’s been released, and is a brilliant source of comic relief, with no seriousness to b... | Review | Xbox 360


International Cricket 2010 Gamedot review

1677 days 9 hours ago - "If you can overlook the games many poor qualities, there is a game here that is at times fun to play." | Review | Xbox 360


Demon's Souls Gamedot review

1678 days 11 hours ago - "Demon’s Souls is the most rewarding game you can play on Playstation 3, and gives as much satisfaction and replayability as an MMO. This is an exp... | Review | PS3


Backbreaker demo Gamedot impressions

1707 days 2 hours ago - "Graphically the game looks good, realistic looking faces and the action is fluid. Plays are as confusing as they have ever been, and the sound eff... | Article | Xbox 360


Split/Second Gamedot review

1707 days 12 hours ago - "...I can safely say that Split/Second offers a fresh take on what was rapidly becoming a barren clone infested wasteland, monopolized by Criterion... | Review | PC


3D Dot Game Heroes Gamedot review

1709 days 10 hours ago - "So if you want something different from the First/Third Person Shooters, Hack and Slash or Action RPG centred releases that have been populating g... | Review | PS3


Red Dead Redemption Gamedot review

1710 days 6 hours ago - "Buying Red Dead Redemption is simply a no-brainer. By the time you’ve read this review, the majority of your active friends should be playing this." | Review | Xbox 360


Gamedot Alan Wake review

1717 days 11 hours ago - "Ultimately this is a game that will split its audience into those that love it and those that hate it... | Review | Xbox


Lead & Gold PS3 review from Gamedot

1735 days 16 hours ago - "So if you have the choice of the PC version and PSN version of Lead & Gold, allow me to suggest you get the PSN version. There appears to... | Review | 1


Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing DLC Gamedot review

1737 days ago - "The Passing it seems is not only about offering you new level content for you to play apathetically. Its intention is to draw some level of e... | Review | 2,12


LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4) Review

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