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Defiance: The PC MMO Totally Unprepared for PC

913 days 14 hours ago - Chris of the Game By Night gaming blog reviews the launch of Trion Worlds' Defiance on PC. While the core of the game is good, it also holds th... | Opinion piece | PC


My Return to Fallen Earth

921 days 16 hours ago - Fallen Earth is a diamond on the rough and the closest thing the MMO genre has to Fallout Online. Best of all, it's totally free-to-play without a... | Opinion piece | PC


Episode 12: SimCity Offline (Feat. Jeremy Goodson of The Guardians, the Multi-Game Guild)

936 days 22 hours ago - Welcome to another week of MMO Radio! Chris returns to rejoin the show after last week’s awesome appearance by Dr. Klassi. This week we’re pleased... | Podcast | PC


Is Gearbox Really a Great Studio — and What Happened to Aliens? Let’s Look at the History.

964 days 2 hours ago - Vagary.TV examines the history of Gearbox Software through its review scores and looks at the troubled development of Aliens: Colonial Marines.... | Opinion piece | PC


Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post

So Your Spouse Hates Video Games...

971 days 2 hours ago - If you live with your significant other, you’ve probably experienced the disturbing phenomena known as “Spouse Aggro”. This behavior is usually typ... | Article | PC


MMO Radio: Episode 7 - Through the Looking Glass (Ft. Gavin Townsley of

972 days 12 hours ago - Welcome back to another MMO Radio. We’re proud to present Episode 07 featuring our special guest and close friend, Gavin Townsley. Gavin has been a... | Podcast | PC


Episode 6 - Good Luck, Scott Hartsman!

980 days 18 hours ago - Hello again, MMO Radio friends! We're happy to return again for Episode 6 this week as we wish one of our absolute favorite MMO developers, Scott H... | Podcast | PC


MMO Radio: Episode 5 - The Fall of F2P?

983 days 16 hours ago - Guest starring: Sister Julie and Sister Fran from the No Prisoners, No Mercy podcast! Is a 5th episode an anniversary? Not quite, but it’s certa... | Podcast | PC


MMO Radio - Episode 4: Without Pants

992 days 15 hours ago - Hello again, podcast faithful! It’s another week and we’re happy to present you with another episode of MMO Radio. We’re pleased to be joined by ou... | Podcast | PC


MMO Radio - Episode 3: Kickstarter Chicken

1001 days 14 hours ago - Welcome to another episode of MMO Radio! If the third time is a charm then prepare to lose your pants, for here is episode three. This week we talk... | Podcast | PC


MMO Radio – Episode #1: A New Beginning

1017 days 11 hours ago - MMO Radio: Where MMORPGs and Table Top Collide! Veteran podcasters, Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski and Chris “Syeric” Coke bring three books, hundreds o... | Podcast | PC


Please, Don't Buy The War Z

1020 days 16 hours ago - In this post, Chris, the author who previewed the game back in November for Hooked Gamers and has been a game tester since alpha, explains why it's... | Opinion piece | PC


Hooked Gamers: PC Review: Primal Carnage

1022 days 1 hour ago - In a Jurassic Nutshell When I dropped into my first match of Primal Carnage, the 12-year-old inside of me jumped for joy. Within the first fifte... | Review | PC


Mists of Pandaria: Playing the Hotbar Game

1025 days 20 hours ago - Game By Night looks at World of Warcraft's combat compared to more modern MMORPGs. How does the lack of movement and action translate in a post-Gui... | Opinion piece | PC


[GW2] Horizontal Endgame or a Purposeless, Grind-Centric Existence?

1028 days 2 hours ago - Game By Night examines the endgame options for Guild Wars 2. | Opinion piece | PC


Vagary.TV - PC Review: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

1033 days 15 hours ago - Vagary.TV offers its review on indie gem, kickstarter success story, and medieval war slasher, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare | Review | PC

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