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Destiny is the Premier Online Shooter for this Generation

6 days 20 hours ago - I know it’s only a Beta. We’ve only received a small piece of the pie but it’s so reassuring that I wouldn’t be surprised if pre-orders take a dra... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


PS Vita Spotlight: Destiny of Spirits

8 days 23 hours ago - It’s a pleasant surprise that deserves your attention as a Vita owner. Loading times are a bit annoying but the game moves at a relatively fast pac... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


When Did Linearity Become a Bad Thing?

28 days ago - There’s a fine line between using the word linear to describe a narrative-focused game and using it to degrade or devalue the merits of a game. Not... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


How Nintendo Almost Got Me to Buy a Wii U After E3 2014

36 days 1 hour ago - As someone who just cannot be easily swayed by the usual suspects, year in and year out, I need Nintendo to hit me with some brand new IP’s. If tha... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Defying The Generation Gap - The Mario Kart Legacy - Game Fanatics

51 days 2 hours ago - The Game Fanatics take a nostalgic look back at Nintendo's popular racing franchise | Opinion piece | GameCube


Top 5 Most Epic Moments in God of War: Ascension

487 days ago - Kratos is back and so are his anger management issues. With a new God of War game, there’s always a debate brewing somewhere whether or not the lat... | Opinion piece | PS3


E3 Predictions 2013: Nintendo

494 days ago - It’s never ideal to lose exclusives, it’s even worse when you’re a brand new console just bursting on the scene. Now with Rayman Legends and Ninja... | Opinion piece | Wii U


E3 2013 Predictions: Microsoft

499 days 3 hours ago - In the midst of the recent PS4 reveal, Microsoft has been rather quiet about their next move and even the rumors surrounding the Durango have been... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


E3 2013 Predictions: Sony

508 days ago - There’s no doubt, we’re all ready for E3 to start and we’re quite eager to find out what Sony has in store for us. Stay tuned Next week for predict... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Last of Us and the Impact of Trailers

514 days 15 hours ago - Uncharted 3 was plagued with spoiler-filled images and TV spots that showed way too much of the action. With the Last of Us, Naughty Dog has tak... | Opinion piece | PS3


Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2013

521 days 9 hours ago - DigiBytes journalist and reporter Sean Klimek counts down the top 10 upcoming games of 2013! | Videocast | PC


What the PS4 Needs to Decimate the Competition

521 days 15 hours ago - The PS4’s unveiling on Wednesday the 20th will be a huge power play for Sony as it will naturally create some serious momentum toward E3 2013. The... | Opinion piece | PS3


XP Reviews: Medal of Honor Warfighter

635 days 6 hours ago - It’s one of the year’s most disappointing titles that could have benefited from another year or so of development, instead it has the grueling fate... | Review | PC


XP Reviews: The Unfinished Swan

639 days 4 hours ago - Not many games can make you feel as if you were 8 years old again but Giant Sparrow has created an unforgettable experience that not only taps int... | Review | PS3


XP Reviews: Dishonered

640 days 20 hours ago - Dishonored, unfortunately, isn't as good as everyone was hoping. It’s still a decent, interesting title, but a sub-par storyline, pretty repetitiv... | Review | PC


Past Xperiences: Rocket Knight Adventures

645 days 20 hours ago - In the first of our Past Xperiences series, we’re looking at a vastly underrated 2D sidescrolling action adventure of yesteryear that involved a st... | Opinion piece | Retro


FPS's And The Curious Case of the Missing Body Parts

647 days 19 hours ago - "Take a look down at yourself. Unless you’re the invisible man, you can probably see absolutely everything from the neck down. There’s your torso.... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Best PSN Games under $10

649 days 14 hours ago - It’s that time of year again; the time our wallets dread the most. As we approach an inescapable surge of blockbusters and AAA titles, there’s no t... | Opinion piece | PS3


Sumioni: Demon Arts Gets New Stylish Trailer

924 days 16 hours ago - A unique ink-themed 2D platformer is making its way to the PS Vita this February and it looks like it will take full advantage of the console’s tou... | News | PS Vita

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