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Gamer Looking to Rekindle Strategy Game Relationship

755 days 21 hours ago - Strategy games, specifically those of the turn-based variety, have provided Game-Modo's Travis hundreds of hours of entertainment. However, with ea... | Opinion piece | Culture


What Is This Sony? - Recommend A Friend To Get A PS Vita?

762 days 16 hours ago - Some of you folks may have noticed that Sony are trying an incentive to pull in more gamers to buy the Vita. What does this mean, really? Well they... | Opinion piece | Culture


Game-Modos Suggestions For The Next PlayStation (4?)

763 days 14 hours ago - Rumors about the next PlayStation are flying with speculation everywhere, and announcement either at or before E3 is assumed imminent. So what’s to... | Opinion piece | PS3


Avengers Baby – New Video Game Releases – 25/01/2013

763 days 15 hours ago - We have hit the after-Christmas slump, because this week sure is a quiet one with only two video game releases to wet your appetite. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Warner Bros. Unveils The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine”

Now - The official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer - “Gotham is Mine” - has been unveiled by Warner Bros. | Promoted post

Game-Modo: An Enchanted Fairy Tale – Trine 2 Review

764 days 16 hours ago - Trine 2 is a side scrolling platformer, puzzle, and adventure game in a fantasy fairy tale book setting. You can play as three different characters... | Review | PS3


Gangsters Unite: City Of Gangsters And Omerta Team Up

765 days 11 hours ago - Not too long ago Game-Modo mentioned the upcoming release of the prohibition era gangster-fest Omerta: City of Gangsters and it’s announcement on M... | News | PC


Game-Modo: Kinect NAT GEO TV Review

766 days 12 hours ago - The Game-Modo guys blew the dust away from the Kinect and gave Kinect NAT GEO TV a go. Is this the best use of the Kinect yet? Check out what we th... | Review | Xbox 360


Game-Modo: Hitman: Absolution Review

766 days 19 hours ago - After a month of being without a PC, Game-Modo's is back! A new system is built, it’s running better than he could have ever hoped for and it’s kno... | Review | PC


HMV meet GAME, GAME meet HMV.

769 days ago - So does HMV going into administration mean bad things for the UK video game market? Check out what Game-Modo think. | Opinion piece | Culture


2013 And The Return Of The Games Release List

781 days 23 hours ago - The Christmas games release list for 2012 was, let's be honest, pretty sparse. Publishers have started to take the the whole 'lets release our game... | Opinion piece | PC


Game:Modo - A-maze-ing Labyrinth Legends Review

786 days 15 hours ago - There's a distillation that becomes apparent when playing Labyrinth Legends. This is a game that focuses on a some key elements, sprinkles in other... | Review | PS3


State of the Industry - 2012 A Year in Review

790 days 19 hours ago - Well, 2012 is almost gone, and Game-Modo have to say it’s been one of the most interesting years in the video game industry that they can remember.... | Opinion piece | Tech


Developer Spotlight: Creat Studios

791 days 15 hours ago - Game-Modo are continuing with their focus on Creat Studios with a developer spotlight. For those that aren't aware, Creat Studios has over 20 games... | Interview | PC


What Games Get You Into The Christmas Spirit?

796 days 15 hours ago - Well the big day is literally a few hours away folks and the Game-Modo crew are getting rather excited for santas visit. What better way to get us... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Games To Get Kids This Christmas

797 days 19 hours ago - So it's literally a couple of days away from christmas and those final hours are catching up for the mad rush to buy the last minute gifts. The guy... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Labyrinth Legends: Interview with Scott Hyman, VP of Development, Creat Studios

798 days 1 hour ago - With some questions in mind about Labyrinth Legends, Game-Modo decided to venture their way into the dungeons to find Scott Hyman, VP of Developmen... | Interview | PS3


What A Fallout: Black Isle Revival Goes Apocalyptic

798 days 9 hours ago - You may or may not be aware of the defunct studio called Black Isle Studios. Well, it was defunct but back in August Interplay revived the name and... | Opinion piece | PC


Game-Modo: Should You Buy it: The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles

799 days 21 hours ago - An adventure game Game-Modo enjoy is a rare thing to come across so it's always worth talking about when one is found. The Critter Chronicles, a pr... | Review | PC


Game-Modo: Burning Things Has Never Been So Much Fun - Little Inferno Review

800 days 16 hours ago - Indie developers really have taken a liking to the Wii U and this included a few chaps who had previously made a game called World Of Goo. They dec... | Review | Wii U


PlayStation Move: Opinions After Two Years

803 days ago - The PlayStation Move was released just over two years ago and ushered in motion controlled gaming for PlayStation 3 owners. The Game-Modo guys shar... | Opinion piece | PS3


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