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Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Review - Gambit Magazine

554 days 15 hours ago - Men of War: Assault Squad 2 is a Real-Time Strategy game that is a muddy affair, but one that can be incredibly rewarding at the same time. Men of... | Review | PC


Qbeh-1: The Atlas Cube Review - Gambit Magazine

558 days 15 hours ago - First person adventures have always been a tricky minefield to wade through. Forcing the player to slow down to focus on puzzle aspects tends to ru... | Review | PC


Farming World Review - Gambit Magazine

558 days 23 hours ago - Nothing about waking up before the sun rises and calling it a day when it sets can be considered fun. It’s backbreaking laborious work that pays le... | Review | PC


Dark Souls 2 (PC) Review - GAMbIT Magazine

575 days 6 hours ago - Dark Souls 2 is the kind of game strategy guides were made for. Let’s get a few thing out of the way before I delve into the game a bit more. Da... | Review | PC


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The Walking Dead: Season Two (PS Vita) Review - GAMbIT Magazine

576 days 5 hours ago - Four months after its initial début, Telltale Games has released The Walking Dead: Season Two for the Playstation Vita. This episodic zombie thrill... | Review | PS Vita


Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest Review - GAMbIT Magazine

581 days 20 hours ago - Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest touts itself as an action-adventure title, so there alone you know the product is going to be pretty mediocre. | Review | PC


Wargame: Red Dragon Review - GAMbIT Magazine

582 days 5 hours ago - Wargame: Red Dragon touts itself as an RTS that stands alone above the rest, but all I found was a game full of frustration and misery that require... | Review | PC


Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Review Gambit Magazine

616 days 15 hours ago - Doctor Who: The Adventure Games is a strange beast indeed. Before we can move forward with this review we need a bit of back story, no not on Docto... | Review | PC


Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville Review Gambit Magazine

618 days 4 hours ago - Sugar, spice and everything nice, these were the ingredients used to create the perfect little girl, but the developers at Radiangames added a few... | Review | PC


South Park The Stick of Truth Review GAMbIT Magazine

625 days 15 hours ago - South Park The Stick of Truth can be summed up as what happens when a South Park based fever dream becomes reality. | Review | PC


Deadlings Review GAMBiT Magazine

628 days 3 hours ago - Deadlings was developed by Nimbi Studios and the bulk of the highly impressive visuals the game uses were done by one man, Andrzej Pasinski. Nimbi... | Review | iPhone


Post Master Review GAMbIT Magazine

636 days 13 hours ago - Finally I can live out my dreams of running my very own Post Office. I would always see those smug postal carriers stroll up to my home, without a... | Review | PC

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