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"" » Guild Wars 2 video at G-Star 2011

1262 days ago - Mike O'Brien, founder of ArenaNet, has presented news about Guild Wars 2 at G-Star 2011. They were released three videos in which you can observe t... | Video | PC

100° » Review: Batman Arkham City

1262 days 3 hours ago - Who has not dreamed at least once in their life to be a superhero? | Review | PC

100° » Review: Uncharted 3

1262 days 3 hours ago - Few games can boast high spectacularity and a fine artistic touch, even less are those that in the end are not just interactive movies where at pla... | Review | PS3

90° » Review: Payday - The Heist

1264 days 2 hours ago - Did you ever see one of those movies, classic American, in which a group of heavily armed robbers breaks into a bank taking hostages, fighting with... | Review | PS3


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post » Review: Renegade Ops

1264 days 3 hours ago - How many times we happen to sit at the computer or console, and you want a game that is not too difficult, one that can get us half an hour without... | Review | PC

80° » Review: The Lord of the Rings: War In The North

1265 days 4 hours ago - Developing another game from franchise of The Lord of the Rings is not an easy task even at the conceptual level. While the undoubted charm of hist... | Review | PC

100° » Review: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

1266 days 2 hours ago - The single player campaign of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon consists of several missions that will lead us to guide fighter planes, combat helicopter... | Review | Xbox 360

140° » Review: Bodycount

1268 days 7 hours ago - Review for Codemaster's Bodycount game. A spectacular FPS but without a story to tell. Shots, explosions, destruction and not much more in this eas... | Review | Xbox 360

140° » Report from Lucca Comics & Games 2011

1268 days 19 hours ago - Lucca also this year is filled with color and joy at the Lucca Comics & Games. In recent times, traditional boardgames and video games were side by... | Article | PC

100° » New images for The Secret World

1278 days 18 hours ago - Funcom has released a handful of new screenshots for its upcoming MMORPG The Sercret World. | Screenshot | PC

100° » Interview with Clan Paladini

1280 days 2 hours ago - This week we have the pleasure to meet with Paladini, a group of guys maintaining a very friendly footprint meanwhile setting high targets in all... | Interview | Culture

10° » Second anniversary for ArchLord

1284 days 1 hour ago - To express appreciation to the dedicated community, Archlord will present a spectacular 2nd anniversary celebration starting today, 19 October, 2011. | News | PC

10° » review: Dead Island

1284 days 22 hours ago - A dream vacation turned into a nightmare that seems to be written and directed by Romero, will not be easy to get out alive. | Review | PC

70° » Launch Trailer for Cities XL 2012

1285 days 6 hours ago - Cities XL 2012, the new edition of the famous City-Builder for PC Focus Home Interactive, presents its official launch trailer. With more than a mi... | Video | PC

100° » Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris for Need for Speed The Run

1285 days 7 hours ago - Electronic Arts announced today that Christina Hendricks and Sean Faris will star in the new action racing title Need for Speed ​​The Run. The game... | News | PC

80° » Anno 2070 Eco Preview

1287 days 13 hours ago - The premise of this new episode is a futuristic world where climate change has forced humanity to adapt to a different style of life having to deal... | Preview | PC

100° » New Trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic

1288 days 23 hours ago - Watch the build-up to battle in the new Game trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Signs of War. | Video | PC

110° » Review: Rage

1290 days 20 hours ago - Overall we are faced with a solid game that seems to win on all fronts, but in fact hides some flaws, both technical, both in terms of player invol... | Review | PC

130° » PC is dead! Long live to PC!

1292 days ago - The last statement of John Carmack, co-founder of Id Software and creator of games that have made history as Doom and Quake, will turn up their nos... | Article | Industry

20° » Review: Dark Souls

1294 days 7 hours ago - Is Dark Souls the masterpiece that everyone is expecting? No, it is not. It is not because difficulties are purely in numerical setting instead re... | Review | Xbox 360


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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