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Mad Genius' Motion Capture System brings Sony's break-apart controller idea to life, and then some

927 days 4 hours ago - Engadget - Remember that break-apart DualShock 3 idea for motion control Sony had five years ago? A new company named Mad Genius Controllers has su... | News | PC


PS4 Watch Dogs is 'a simulation that the current generation doesn't have the processing power to do'

927 days 21 hours ago - PSU - Yesterday, we shared new screenshots and gameplay details from Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's PlayStation 4 launch title. If those didn't excite you (... | News | PS4


Microsoft's maddening Next Xbox silence at GDC

975 days 14 hours ago - CVG: Monday Muse - Microsoft no-show is Sony's gain 2013 is a special year in particular for the industry, with the next generation of core syst... | News | PS4


PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox 720 Vs PC Gaming – A Unified Future?

982 days 23 hours ago - Press Blue - Well, chances are the pattern will once again follow similar lines as last time around, whereby thousands claimed the end of the PC ga... | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox 720 vs PS4: What Microsoft needs to do to win the next-gen war

993 days 12 hours ago - Pocket lint: Sony has revealed its hand early in the battle to win the hearts and minds of gamers willing to ride the next-generation console bus,... | Opinion piece | PS4


PlayStation 4 brings new weapons to shifting battle for games market

1012 days 17 hours ago - Guardian: New games platforms are usually welcomed with excitement by tech fans, but this time things are a little different. Since PlayStation 2 d... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Nintendo Reaches into Wii U Grab Bag, Pulls Out Some Vague, Some Fascinating Promises

1035 days 11 hours ago - Time: It’s been a ho-hum 2013 for Nintendo’s Wii U so far: some carry-over posturing about scads of “launch window” titles, but less than a handful... | News | Nintendo DS


Quantic Dream’s Tantalizing ‘PS4’ Project, XSeed’s Surprise Killer Game and Other Secrets

1037 days 16 hours ago - Kotaku: In mid-November, Quantic Dream registered the domain, suggesting a title and system for the second of two games the Pari... | News | Xbox 360

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