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Why Sony Needs To Keep Pumping Out Exclusives

878 days 12 hours ago - Sony's range of exclusives is certainly unbeatable, but is the large quantity diluting the worth of bigger titles? | Opinion piece | PS3


Gotham City Impostors Review -

878 days 20 hours ago - MMGN writes: One might ask just where a first-person shooter multiplayer game fits into the Batman universe. After all, the Dark Knight is aggressi... | Review | Xbox 360


The Last of Us - The Story So Far -

897 days 15 hours ago - The story of Ellie and Joel isn't quite as mysterious as it once was. New details inside! | Preview | PS3


THQ working on two Wii U titles

903 days 12 hours ago - Publisher already hard at work on games for upcoming console. | News | Wii U


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Rockstar & Wii U: Launching With A Killer App?

904 days 4 hours ago - The case for a blockbuster Rockstar game launching alongside Nintendo's upcoming console, Wii U, is getting stronger by the day. The company is ren... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Snipers gameplay sneak-peak. Just don't quickscope!

904 days 4 hours ago - A fantastic new gameplay sneak-peak for BigBen Interactive's 'Snipers' showcases the game's competitive multiplayer in action! | Trailer | Xbox 360


Prototype 2 prequel comic bridges both games

904 days 4 hours ago - Prototype fans can now bridge the story between Prototype and the beginning of this year's Prototype 2 with Dark Horse Comics' new comic book series. | News | PC


Facebook Timeline Covers For Gamers Vol.2

910 days 1 hour ago - Facebook is slowly rolling out 'Timeline', the new profile page for its users. One of the best new aspects of the updated profile page is the ab... | Image | Culture


Modern Warfare 3 DLC For Dummies

910 days 3 hours ago - Gamers just don't seem to "get" Activision's newly-announced content drops for Modern Warfare 3. Confusion, anger and frustration seems to be a... | Article | PC


PlayStation at CES - What's New For Gamers?

910 days 22 hours ago - Sony recently held its Consumer Electronics Show (CES) press conference, revealing a slew of important sales data, PS Vita features and smartphone... | Article | PSP


PS Vita PlayStation Store Preview

911 days 6 hours ago - Check out how Sony's new device connects you to the biggest and best games. | Video | PS Vita


How Uncharted Uses PS Vita's Touch Screen

911 days 23 hours ago - Ever wondered just how developers will be using the PS Vita's touchscreen? This video should give you a quick insight as to what's possible. Whi... | Video | PS Vita


PS Vita Hands-On Preview -

912 days 3 hours ago - Sony's newest gaming device, PlayStation Vita, is set to launch in Australia on February 23, 2012. You can check out more details about its launch... | Video | PS Vita


Hot Games of 2012 - Borderlands 2 -

912 days 8 hours ago - The follow up to one of highest-selling games of 2009, Borderlands 2 will feature new characters, new guns, and new gameplay elements. It is planne... | Preview | PC


Vita Launch Lineup - Why It's One Of The Best

914 days 1 hour ago - The ability to download classic PSP games makes Sony's newest handheld a must-have from launch. | Opinion piece | PS Vita


PS Vita, Y U look so good?

914 days 14 hours ago - Stunning images of PlayStation Vita. | Image | PS Vita


Hot Games of 2012 - Twisted Metal

916 days 1 hour ago - Twisted Metal, a vehicle combat game developed by Eat Sleep Play, is the eighth, and arguably most anticipated, game in the Twisted Metal series. I... | Article | PS3


PC piracy compromises game investment - LittleSpaceHeroes dev

916 days 23 hours ago - Paul Alex Gray from Bubble Gum Interactive, the Sydney-based developer of LittleSpaceHeroes, believes PC piracy is too big a compromise in a time w... | News | PC


5 Vita Features The PS3 Needs

918 days 1 hour ago - Like the PSP before it, is Vita an insight to future PlayStation console features? | Opinion piece | PS3


Facebook Timeline Covers For Gamers

918 days 4 hours ago - Facebook is slowly rolling out 'Timeline', the new profile page for its users. One of the best new aspects of the updated profile page is the ab... | Image | Culture


Follow N4G on Twitter

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