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Golden4Games: Metro: Last Light Preview

1693 days 19 hours ago - Behold, I see a light coming from the darkness!! Here I am with my own eyes I see destruction of the world!! Began to light in the darkness began t... | Preview | PC


Golden4games : Hunted: The Demon's Forge Guides

1694 days 12 hours ago - World of darkness is a world full of monsters and demons that controlled it, but became the target of these demons to dominate on the ground and ki... | News | PC


Golden4games: Duke Nukem Forever Review

1697 days 16 hours ago - Do you want to save the girls!! Let us play and have fun with the game Duke Nukem Forever and save the pretty girls!! This course will seek the mos... | Review | PC


Golden4games: Alice: Madness Returns Review

1697 days 16 hours ago - Is the idea of pre-visit Wonderland?? Would you like to go on a trip to?? If your answer is yes, know that you are not going to entertain!! You are... | Review | PC


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G4G: Castlevania Lords of Shadow Resurrection Guides

1698 days 23 hours ago - Gabriel is still a way to continue to seek revenge!! It seeks and behind every person tried to stop him from his wife!! Has already succeeded in de... | News | Xbox 360


Golden4games: Infamous 2 Review

1701 days 16 hours ago - Maybe Cguirk of the players, remember the events of the first part of the game, which was telling the story of Cole tragic, it was a mail carrier i... | Review | PS3


Golden4games : L.A. Noire Guides

1703 days 12 hours ago - Achieve security and justice is not difficult, but not easy too!! The pollution of our crimes, murder and rape since time immemorial!! The proof is... | News | Xbox 360


Wii U Hand On in Golden4games

1705 days 12 hours ago - Everyone has been waiting to announce the company Ntondo for her new project, named Project Cafe, and has already launched this sudden exhibition c... | Preview | Wii U


Tomb Raider Preview on Golden4games

1705 days 12 hours ago - Come with us, my friend, sailing in the world of the past!! Sailing in the deep past of Lara Croft and how it started!! Lara has certainly suffered... | Preview | Xbox

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