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Seven Dragon Saga - A Return to Gold Boxes

327 days 19 hours ago - RPGCodex's interview with the team at TSI about their upcoming PC RPG "Seven Dragon Saga". Great article for those that remeber SSI and the classi... | Interview | PC


Interview: The Developer looking to resurrect SSI with Seven Dragon Saga

348 days 11 hours ago - Digitally Downloaded sits down with Tactial Simulations Interactive's Producer/Lead Designer, David Shelley, about TSI and their upcoming CRPG - Se... | Interview | PC


The Glorious Return of the CRPG

348 days 23 hours ago - A terrific feature about the return of great RPGs following in the spirit of games like Baldur's Gate: Wasteland 2, Divinity: Original Sin, and the... | Article | PC


Tactical Simulations Interactive recalls SSI

390 days 2 hours ago - Game veterans from SSI form new studio: Tactical Simulations Interactive. RPG fans rejoice! | News | PC


Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

Bundle Central - Debut Bundle

451 days 17 hours ago - Epic Bundle and RPGWwatch have both pointed out that Expeditions: Conquistador is part of Bundle Central's Debut bundle offering 5 Steam titles on... | News | PC


Wii U now included in Kickstarter goal for So Many Me

633 days 12 hours ago - Charming indie platformer, "So Many Me" sets Wii U as part of their initial Kickstarter goal. The developer originally announced it is due out for... | News | PC


So Many Me Announces Dream-Build-Play Indie Support

645 days 13 hours ago - Cute platformer "So Many Me" gets a boost from 5 talented indies including: Dead Samurai Dishwasher – Dream-Build-Play 2007 by Ska studio Weapo... | News | PC


HonestGamers reviews Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage (PC) Review

648 days 8 hours ago - HonestGamers.com says Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage is terrific hack'n'slash fun! | Review | PC


Indie Game HQ spots 4 titles on Kickstarter

649 days 4 hours ago - RetroWorld, So Many Me, Read Only Memories and Astral Terra all deserving of fan support. | Preview | PC


So Many Me’ Kickstarter Offers Clone-Packed Puzzle-Platforming for Gamers of All-Ages

659 days 18 hours ago - Taking inspiration from both old and modern classics of the puzzle-platforming genre, ‘So Many Me’ casts players as the lovable green blob, Filo, a... | News | PC


Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage coming to Steam on 11/11

667 days 20 hours ago - Indie developer S-Game, in conjunction with publisher Origo Games, announced today that Rain Blod Chronicles: Mirage will launch worldwide on Steam... | News | PC

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