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Infamous: First Light Review | Go Fetch (Dealspwn)

1 day 14 hours ago - Dealspwn: "Infamous First Light packs a whole bunch of content in at a decent price, and fleshes out Second Son's most interesting character in fin... | Review | PS4


Metro Redux Review (Dealspwn)

1 day 22 hours ago - Dealspwn: "This is the Metro experience how it was meant to be. With 2033 brought up to parity with its successor in terms of visual aspects and a... | Review | PC


Character creation in Pillars of Eternity is vast and deep and brilliant

7 days 10 hours ago - Dealspwn's Matt Gardner gets stuck into the Pillars of Eternity beta and delivers an in-depth look at character creation. | Video | PC


Hohokum Review | Worms United (Dealspwn)

7 days 10 hours ago - Dealspwn: "Hohokum is beautifully endearing, whimsically comical, filled with bold colours and sumptuous aural dreamscapes. Its fluid mechanics are... | Review | PS3


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition (PS4) Review

Now - Drew takes on the prince of darkness for the 1,347th time. | Promoted post

Shadow of Mordor Season Pass is hideously anti-consumer, frankly offensive

8 days 13 hours ago - Dealspwn: "Day One DLC sucks. Season Passes for non-franchise games suck. COD and FIFA Season Passes are also lamentable, but at least you know... | Opinion piece | PC


P.T. might just be the best game reveal of all time, because it's a game

9 days 12 hours ago - You can keep your CG trailers, Dealspwn's Matt Gardner argues that P.T.'s interactive horror teaser might just be the best example of how to reveal... | Opinion piece | PS4


Bloodborne Preview | Prepare To Kill (Dealspwn)

12 days ago - Dealspwn: ""Prepare to die." Dark Souls issued the challenge and gamers responded. Then promptly died, over and over again, becoming more skilled a... | Preview | PS4


Top Five Surprises of Gamescom 2014

12 days 12 hours ago - Dealspwn: "It's been a fairly eventful Gamescom thus far, and we're going to have plenty of previews and interviews and hands-on impressions going... | Opinion piece | PC


"My Body Was Not Ready For This!" - Twitter Reacts as Kojima and Del Toro team up for Silent Hills

12 days 12 hours ago - Dealspwn tracks some of the reactions to the reveal of Silent Hills -- the collaboration between Kojima and Del Toro as teased in P.T. | Article | PS4


A Mixed Bag With Notable Absences – EA Gamescom 2014 Press Conference Impressions

13 days 6 hours ago - Dealspwn: "it's early days, but I never thought I'd feel so apathetic about a new BioWare IP." | Opinion piece | PC


The hysterical backlash against Tomb Raider exclusivity is risible, but so is MS' communication

13 days 11 hours ago - Dealspwn: "You could see the smile dance across Phil Harrison's face as he uttered the word "exclusive" during the Microsoft Gamescom press confere... | Opinion piece | PC


Four Hours With Alien Isolation's Perfect Killing Machine (Dealspwn)

13 days 12 hours ago - Dealspwn: "Alien Isolation is set to be a very different kind of horror game. Not a haunted house, but a horror playground that pits you against an... | Preview | PC


Stock Up On Underwear - P.T. (Silent Hills) Is Terrifying

13 days 17 hours ago - Dealspwn's Matt Gardner plays P.T. and almost soils himself in terror. | Video | PS4


Pressers and Postulating – Are Microsoft just Sony’s warm-up act?

14 days 17 hours ago - Dealspwn: "For the past few years, it could be argued that Microsoft have been the warm-up act to Sony when it comes to press conferences. But are... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Steady Smorgasbord of Creativity - Sony Gamescom 2014 Press Conference Impressions

15 days 7 hours ago - Dealspwn: "No huge surprises that immediately knocked us for six for Sony at this year's Gamescom presser, but plenty of new trailers, lots of rumo... | Opinion piece | PS3


Wait, Tomb Raider's An Exclusive? - Microsoft Gamescom 2014 Press Conference Impressions

15 days 11 hours ago - Dealspwn: "Well, the first of today's two big press conferences from Gamescom 2014 is done and dusted. Did Microsoft set the bar high as they did e... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Five reasons you probably need The Last of Us: Remastered in your life

23 days 11 hours ago - Dealspwn: "If you've never played The Last of Us before, here are five reasons why picking up the Remastered version is something you really ought... | Opinion piece | PS4


PlayStation Now's pricing is still super dumb

25 days 16 hours ago - Dealspwn: "Sony need to be less stubborn with this than they were with the also absurdly overpriced Vita memory cards or else PS Now will go the sa... | Opinion piece | PS3


Opening Scenes | The Last of Us Remastered - First 15 Mins Gameplay

25 days 17 hours ago - Dealspwn: "So just how good does The Last Of Us look on PS4? We've got the game's opening quarter of an hour for you to have a look at, with a gene... | Video | PS4


EA Access subscription service on Xbox One points towards the future

28 days 12 hours ago - Dealspwn: "An exciting initiative, then, but one with plenty of questions still to be answered. How often will the Vault roster change? Will we see... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Review

Now - Jae digs into the latest in the Tales series. | Promoted post
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