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Culture Of Hype And Delays

199 days 18 hours ago - From EGMR, "The current trend in the gaming industry is one defaced by the onset of delays in the development of our favourite titles, and the ridi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Is The Steam Controller The Future?

214 days 2 hours ago - From EGMR, "Last week, I wrote about the top 5 worst controllers throughout the evolution of gaming. People often forget about the humble controlle... | Opinion piece | PC


Review: Shelter 2 [EGMR]

216 days 12 hours ago - From EGMR, "A game as frank as any nature documentary, Shelter 2 is a challenging and moving tale about animals, survival, and the starkly difficul... | Review | PC


The 5 Worst Controllers Within The Evolution Of Gaming

218 days 23 hours ago - From EGMR, "Console hardware has come a long way over the past few decades and controllers have followed a weird and wonderful evolution that has b... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

That Open World Game Tastes Like Cardboard

242 days 3 hours ago - From EGMR, "You know when you bite into your favourite chocolate there are all these different layers, a biscuit layer, perhaps a nougat centre or... | Opinion piece | PS4


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Could Be The Final Fantasy We’ve Been Waiting For

250 days 15 hours ago - From EGMR, "After much fan demand, Final Fantasy Type-O, originally a PSP game, has finally received a western release in HD no less. The original... | Preview | PS4


2015 Needs To Be A Year Of Risks

256 days 2 hours ago - From EGMR, "Some would argue that gaming is in a slump, but I normally come from the indie side of things and argue, which always seems to be the s... | Opinion piece | Industry


The Importance Of The Dreamcast

267 days 23 hours ago - From EGMR, "Eventually Sega would release their final foray into the console market with the Dreamcast which suffered a short lived history at the... | Opinion piece | Culture


Indie Devs Really Need PR Help

305 days 2 hours ago - From EGMR, "Indie games can be amazing experiences where quality truly shines through, but many a time the same cannot be said of the developers be... | Opinion piece | Culture


rAge 2014: Indie @ rAge

359 days 21 hours ago - This year at rAge 2014, held in South Africa, we managed to frequent the local indie game stand aptly named home_coded, a NAG initiative, in associ... | News | Industry


rAge 2014: We Chat To The Various Indie Devs At rAge

359 days 21 hours ago - At rAge 2014, held in South Africa, we managed to get some time to sit down and talk to local indie developers and representatives from the home_co... | Interview | Industry


Execution Trumps Innovation In Shadow Of Mordor

359 days 22 hours ago - In the current gaming context, gamers are always concerned with resolutions, fps and the promise of innovation in the next big game title. However,... | Opinion piece | PS4


What Has Happened? The State Of Gaming

403 days ago - From EGMR, "I think perspective is needed when looking at the current state of things. There are resentments on both sides of this battlefield, but... | Opinion piece | Culture


Ethics Are Dead In Games Journalism

416 days 23 hours ago - From EGMR, "In 2012, I wrote a column that argued games journalism to be problematic ascertaining that truth and ethics in games journalism were al... | Opinion piece | Culture


My Hopes For Fallout 4

430 days 23 hours ago - From EGMR, "With the announcement of the new Doom, I have been left a tad disappointed that there is no news about a new Fallout game. I am a big f... | Opinion piece | Culture


Not Every Indie Game Is A Godsend

438 days 1 hour ago - The indie games market like any market is hitting its awkward phase, or some would say a phase where the potential for self-implosion may be reachi... | Opinion piece | Industry


Please Stop Glossy Console Design

486 days 18 hours ago - From EGMR, "This needs to be said. There is an an epidemic affecting the console industry and it is glossy plastic. This week has been all about E3... | Opinion piece | PS4


Games Need To Brighten Up

498 days 20 hours ago - From EGMR, "You know what is constantly praised in modern AAA games nowadays? When a game goes against the grain and actually has a decent, and ran... | Opinion piece | Culture


IndieFix: The Future Of Indie

513 days 9 hours ago - From EGMR, "Welcome to the latest episode of IndieFix. In IndieFix, I offer an analysis of a topic related to the indie scene, indie development an... | Video | Culture


Gaming Has Been Reduced To Buzzwords

513 days 22 hours ago - From EGMR, " With the recent Watch Dogs fiasco concerning the reality that the game may not run at 60fps in 1080p, it still remains that gaming is... | Opinion piece | PS4


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