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Table Top Racing Review | GES

20 hours ago - "If you’ve been gaming for years, then like me you will get this great nostalgic feeling when starting and playing the game. It reminds you a lot o... | Review | iPhone


Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition Review | GES

2 days 3 hours ago - "The Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo III is out and finally available on the New-Gen system. A lot has changed since the initial release of Diablo... | Review | PC


The Wolf Among Us Season 1 Review | GES

7 days 12 hours ago - The Wolf Among Us is a Graphic Adventure game brought alive from the popular Fables Comic series. At long last the whole season 1 is out and we can... | Review | PC


Sacred 3 Review | GES

7 days 20 hours ago - "Sacred has always been a bit of a different game, with Sacred 3 it feels as if they have almost changed everything. Will this be in a good way or... | Review | PC


Need Cash? (US Only)

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Guardians of the Galaxy Pinball Review | GES

8 days 15 hours ago - By Now some of you must have seen The Guardians of The Galaxy in Cinemas. So together with the film’s release, Zen Studios release the GOTG Pinball... | Review | PC


Pure Pool Review | GES

8 days 18 hours ago - Video games based on the sport of Pool are few and far between. There have been some great titles that have come out over the years such as Hustle... | Review | PS4


PS4 Destiny Beta Round up

29 days 15 hours ago - GES was one of the lucky people to be fortunate enough to partake in the Destiny Beta and on top of that GES did this on PS4. Straight away GES... | Opinion piece | PS4


Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Review | GES

30 days 17 hours ago - "The Story of the Dynasty Warriors epic saga continues and is based on the Chinese writer Luo Guanzhongs historical novel masterpieces of the “Roma... | Review | PC


CD Projekt Red and Dark Horse Present The World of The Witcher

47 days 3 hours ago - CD PROJEKT RED and Dark Horse Comics are proud to announce The World of The Witcher–an essential companion to The Witcher video game series! Con... | News | PC


Transformers Rise of The Dark Spark Review | GES

47 days 11 hours ago - It is said that everything in our universe has an equal and opposite force, the Matrix of Leadership is also subject to this rule. The Dark Spark,... | Review | PC


Sniper Elite 3 Review | GES

56 days 20 hours ago - "If you are a long time gamer you will remember the days of Delta Force, laying in the grass barely moving waiting for that perfect time to squeeze... | Review | PC


Deadpool Pinball Review | GES

58 days 18 hours ago - The great people from Zen Studios has revolutionized pinball on game platforms we play, and although their tables are already crazy, fun and always... | Review | PC


EA Sports UFC Review | GES

65 days 6 hours ago - EA Sports brings out their first game that is only released on “New-Gen” Consoles. Will this make a difference on how the game is being received an... | Review | PS4


Bound by Flame Review | GES

89 days 17 hours ago - Many of you might not have heard of a development studio called Spiders Studios. They are relatively small compared to the army sized AAA studios o... | Review | PC


Warlock 2: The Exiled Review | GES

92 days 20 hours ago - "Turn based strategies aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they are great if you want to play a game that does not require your full attention or play... | Review | PC


Age of Wonders 3 Review | GES

96 days 16 hours ago - "Leon enjoys turn based strategy games especially for passing time and you are not in the mood to play something that requires 100% of your attenti... | Review | PC


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game Review | GES

104 days 16 hours ago - For a long time Games based on Movies have not sold well and have probably underperformed the most out of all types of games. Does The Amazing Spid... | Review | PC


Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review | GES

105 days 16 hours ago - Chuck’s Challenge 3D is basically a well-executed puzzle game (in terms of artwork and gameplay). The gameplay is pretty darn addictive which will... | Review | PC


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review | GES

120 days 16 hours ago - It’s time to get the “Soccer Fever” again. Even if you are not a soccer fan, mostly everyone watches or keeps in touch when it comes to the FIFA So... | Review | Xbox 360


Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall Review | GES

127 days 17 hours ago - Dragonfall is a campaign expansion for Shadowrun. It takes place in the city of Berlin and has new features, characters, environments, weapons, cyb... | Review | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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