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Dark Souls Death Log Part II

25 days 14 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: How far can we make it in this episode of Dark Souls Death Log? Or, which death will be the most embarrassing? | Article | PS3


Heavy Rain Reference in Infamous: Second Son?

26 days 8 hours ago - JM: Could these set of side missions possibly be a reference to the PS3 classic Heavy Rain? | Rumor | PS4


Official inFAMOUS: Second Son Conduit Test Pictures

28 days 18 hours ago - JM: Sucker Punch started sending out physical conduit tests to everybody who signed up for it. | Image | PS4


Dark Souls Death Log

32 days 18 hours ago - JM: "So I went to my local Gamestop at midnight on Tuesday to pick up my copy of Dark Souls II. With the previous Dark Souls, knowing how diffic... | Article | PS3


inFamous: Second Son (PS4) Review

Now - Ken abuses his powers in the latest entry in the inFamous series. | Promoted post

JM | South Park: The Stick Of Truth Review

39 days 20 hours ago - JM: "This, ladies and gentlemen, is the first South Park game that actually is South Park. Every game that undeservingly used the title “South P... | Review | PC


JM | ZombiU Review

66 days 17 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: "When the Wii U launched just over a year ago, many criticized one of its leading exclusives, ZombiU, for being just a bad game.... | Review | Wii U


Thomas Was Alone Review: Junkie Monkeys

82 days 19 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys' own Alex Nuss shares his thoughts on the indie game Thomas Was Alone | Review | PS3


Get Paid To Download Borderlands 2 On Steam? (Hilarious Typo)

103 days 21 hours ago - A typo on the front page of Steam gives shoppers an offer they simply can not refuse. | Screenshot | PC


Minecraft PlayStation 3 Version Review: Junkie Monkeys

110 days 19 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: "I already clocked hundreds of hours into Minecraft on PC. When it was announced that my personal favorite indie game was coming... | Review | PS3


The Walking Dead Season 2: All That Remains Review: Junkie Monkeys

117 days 17 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys's Forgotten Prophecy gives his thoughts on the first episode of Telltale's second season of The Walking Dead. | Review | Xbox 360


Top 10 Games To Look Out For In 2014

117 days 20 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: With only 12 full days left in 2013, it’s hard not to reflect on this year’s gaming highlights. We received blockbuster games that... | Opinion piece | PC


Papers, Please Review: Junkie Monkeys

124 days 20 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: Papers, Please shouldn’t work. It’s a game about checking papers, and either allowing somebody across the border, or denying the... | Review | PC


The Stanley Parable Review: Junkie Monkeys

126 days 16 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys: These past two or three years have been all about the indie games. Minecraft, Journey, and Slender, among others, have been in t... | Review | PC


Knack Review: Junkie Monkeys

136 days 22 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys' Forgotten Prophecy gives his thoughts on the PlayStation 4 launch title, Knack. | Review | PS4


PlayStation Criticizes Xbox One Yet Again

145 days 15 hours ago - Junkiemonkeys: Sony takes shots at Microsoft's latest console, only to remove their post quickly, replacing it with a new picture. We were able... | News | PS4


Injustice PS4 Review: Junkie Monkeys

147 days 15 hours ago - Is Injustice worth getting on the next generation of game consoles? | Review | PS4


PlayStation 4 Early Impressions: Junkie Monkeys

151 days 7 hours ago - The PlayStation 4 officially launched today. Junkie Monkeys' Forgotten Prophecy gives his thoughts on his first sit down with it. | Preview | PS4


Junkie Monkeys: Batman Arkham Origins Review

158 days 19 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys' Forgotten Prophecy gets his Batman mask and gives his review on The Dark Knight's latest outing. | Review | Xbox 360


Junkie Monkeys: AiRace Speed Review

160 days 20 hours ago - Junkie Monkeys' Forgotten Prophecy reviews QubicGame's AiRace Speed for the 3DS. | Review | 3DS


PS3 vs PS4: Camera, Controller, and Game Comparison

168 days ago - Junkie Monkey's Forgotten Prophecy shows off the PlayStation 4's camera, controller, and game case along side the PlayStation 3's camera, controlle... | Image | PS3


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