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Truckload of FIFA 13 games stolen in The Netherlands

567 days 22 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Electronic Arts just reported a truckload of FIFA 13-games has been stolen earlier today." | News | PC


TechNoid Preview | World of Warplanes

642 days 8 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Wargaming.net gave us the opportunity to play the closed beta of World of Warplanes, their upcoming game in the World of ..-franc... | Preview | PC


TechNoid Review | Krater

666 days 13 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "The post-apocalyptic Sweden, former home to Minecraft and IKEA, brings us an amazing adventure." | Review | PC


Valve brings the Potato Sack ARG back in 'The Potato Sack Reunion'

672 days 19 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Valve's spectacular The Potato Sack ARG, which led to the announcement of Portal 2 last year, is back." | News | PC


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Toki Tori 2 first indie game to allow level sharing through Steam Workshop

692 days 5 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Two Tribes just confirmed that their upcoming Toki Tori 2 will make use of Steam Workshop, making it the first indie game doing so." | News | PC


Reto-Moto talks past, present and Heroes & Generals

700 days 6 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Jacob Andersen talks past, present and their upcoming project Heroes & Generals." | Interview | PC


TechNoid Preview | Natural Selection 2

702 days 15 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "What started out as a mod for the popular Half-Life 2 has grown into a highly anticipated sequel. Can Unknown World Entertainment... | Preview | PC


LittleBigPlanet 2 Gets Men In Black 3 DLC

703 days 14 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "With the upcoming Men in Black 3 movie closing in, Sony had the opportunity to give us four great costumes for LittleBigplanet 2." | News | PS3


Steam Starts Implementing Games Region Locks

704 days 10 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Recent entries in the Steam database indicate that Valve is locking various games to countries, making them unavailable both by p... | News | PC


New Valve Employee Handbook leaked

725 days 16 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Even though there is so much experience at Valve, new employees are always necessary. They're welcomed with Valve's new employee... | News | Industry


Steam hosts 'From Holland with Love' indie bundle

735 days 15 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "A bundle containing some of the best Dutch indie games, who wouldn't like to buy that? Valve hosts such a pack, only available th... | News | PC


TechNoid Review | Ridge Racer: Unbounded

740 days 10 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Ridge Racer: Unbounded will be the eleventh console title in the franchise. Will it still have the same impact and flair of previ... | Review | PC


Creative Strategist Robert Bowling resigns from Activision and Infinity Ward

751 days 4 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Creative Strategist Robert Bowling just announced that he left Infinity Ward and Activision." | News | Industry


Official Total War: Shogun 2 infographic details a year's progress

756 days 8 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "SEGA just released an official infographic, detailling several statistics from a year of progress." | News | PC


Frozenbyte teases Trine 2 AAAA-expansion

761 days ago - TechNoid writes: "Frozenbyte already revealed that they're working on an expansion for Trine 2. The first details, on the enviroments, are in today." | News | PC


Gameloft game designer leaks unannounced squad-based FPS for PlayStation Vita

767 days 7 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "One of Gamelofts game designers, Stefan Jewinski, leaked a new, unancounced shooter for the PlayStation Vita." | News | PS Vita


New screenshots and teaser trailer of Toki Tori 2 released

767 days 23 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Dutch indie Two Tribes just released a bunch of screenshots and a new teaser trailer for Toki Tori 2, which is due later this yea... | News | PC


Sim City V officially announced

770 days 3 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Electronic Arts officially announced Sim City 5." | News | PC


TechNoid Review | Uncharted: Golden Abyss

774 days 12 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Will one of Sony's greatest franchises be able to impress on the PlayStation Vita?" | Review | PS Vita


TechNoid Review | FIFA Football

780 days 2 hours ago - TechNoid writes: "Will one of Electronic Arts' most powerful franchises work on Sony's new handheld?" | Review | PS Vita


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