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A Band of Gamers Podcast Episode 35: Rears In Gear

696 days 2 hours ago - Rears in seats tempo up to rears in gear. Break it down. Icebreaker : How Did You Decide To Go Into Your Field? Side A : Video Games (0:05:3... | Podcast | PS3


A Band of Gamers Podcast Episode 34: Grooves And Moods

709 days 10 hours ago - A sandwich is made and the candles are lit. Joel and Shane know how to set a proper mood and it carries through the entire episode. Icebreaker :... | Podcast | Culture


A Band of Gamers : The Year of the Brawler Part II: DMC

1108 days 4 hours ago - Part II in a series of articles; The Year of the Brawler. Or is it a hack and slash or a beat 'em up? Poison Toad sorts this out and goes in depth... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Band of Gamers : Elder Sign Omens Review

1108 days 4 hours ago - The Elder gods are angry. They're breaking through the walls to our plane of existence and bringing with them all the horrors and madness the bizar... | Review | iPhone


Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

A Band of Gamers : WRC3 Review

1109 days 2 hours ago - Some of the reviews I've recently read of Milestone's WRC3 have prompted me to dust off the keyboard, in an effort to ensure at least you guys with... | Review | PC


The Year of the Brawler Part I: Anarchy Reigns

1109 days 5 hours ago - I'm a feeder bar gamer. Like a test rat I need buttons to smash to release endorphin pellets into my half-starved cortex. I get into games like Ark... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Band of Gamers : Family Guy Review

1109 days 5 hours ago - It seems today, that all you see, are video-games based on stuff from TV (source: my 007 review, coming soon). No bad thing! Some great TV/movie ti... | Review | Xbox 360


A Band of Gamers : Episode 12 - Slow Priests

1109 days 7 hours ago - You'll get more than you bargained for this time around. Bill betrays his family, exploits his son's fears and has a mild Segasm, while Joel tastes... | Podcast | Industry


A Band of Gamers : ZombiU Review

1109 days 10 hours ago - I'll be the first to admit that Nintendo's newest console - the WiiU - was mostly a spontaneous purchase. I knew all along that I would own the con... | Review | Wii U


A Band of Gamers : Uncharted Fight For Fortune (Review)

1109 days 17 hours ago - Uncharted: Fight for Fortune is a battle card game which pits you against a single opponent. Each opponent is a character from an Uncharted game –... | Review | PS Vita


ABOG Podcast Ep 9 : Dead Skin Mask

1153 days 1 hour ago - 0:02:40 Halo 4 0:12:37 Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 0:22:55 The Walking Dead Assault 0:30:30 The Walking Dead 0:37:55 ZombiU 0:52:33 Far Cr... | Podcast | Industry

20° : MLB 12 The Show Hands On Day 2

1481 days 11 hours ago - Day 2 of Glenn’s coverage from the MLB 12 The Show Community Event in San Diego. This time, we’ll focus on “Road to the Show.” | Opinion piece | PS3

130° Elder Scrolls Skyrim Review (PS3)

1538 days 2 hours ago - I’ve been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series since the days of running Arena on my IBM computer. Before that, I was playing role-playing games on my... | Review | PS3

110° Uncharted 3 Review

1569 days 23 hours ago - With Naughty Dog's third attempt at rendering the perfect half-tucked shirt, did they also include more of the same, or have they actually improved... | Review | PS3

60° Review Batman Arkham City (PS3)

1572 days 15 hours ago - “The children described the attack on gang members by a huge man… dressed as Dracula…” The Dark Knight returns in Batman: Arkham City…. and he’s ne... | Review | PS3

10° : Uncharted Golden Abyss

1709 days 18 hours ago - “Should I read the newspaper in the restroom? Why no, no I shouldn’t, because now I can play Uncharted.” | News | PSP2


PS Nation Impressions: Play Ball with MLB.TV

1756 days 22 hours ago - Take me out to the ballgame, or not? The next best thing to being there is available on the PlayStation 3. Full impressions at PS | Opinion piece | PS3


PS Nation Ep204 You Don't Know Plants

1809 days 22 hours ago - New Releases. News. What We’re Playing. Review of Plants vs Zombies. Review of You Don’t Know Jack. Voicemail and Emails. Comedian is John Heffron. | Podcast | PS2


Top 10 Movies We Want As Video Games

1821 days 3 hours ago - Try to forget that dreadful Clash of the Titans game or those Atari E.T. carts buried in a landfill somewhere North of the Mexican border…. here’s... | Opinion piece | Culture


PS Nation Review: Splatterhouse (PS3)

1834 days 23 hours ago - Who knew boobs, blood and heavy metal could ever be DULL…? | Review | PS3


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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