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EA's CEO Says Delaying Battlefield Hardline Was the Right Decision for "Player and Franchise

415 days 10 hours ago - EA CEO Andrew Wilson has said that his company is striving to change and make decisions which mean players get strong games, something evidenced by... | News | PC


NHL 15 Demo Starts August 26, Will Use Next Gen Crowds, Players and Puck Physics

420 days 14 hours ago - NHL 15's demo will kick off August 26, EA announced today at its Gamescom press conference | News | PS4


Fable Legends Beta Kicks off October 16

421 days 9 hours ago - The multiplayer beta for Fable Legends will start October 16, Microsoft announced today during its Gamescom press conference. | News | Xbox One


Microsoft Announces Pre-Order and Pre-Download Features for the Xbox One

422 days 7 hours ago - After hearing the requests of fans, Microsoft has announced they'll be bringing pre-order and pre-download to the Xbox One. | News | Xbox One


MoreConsole takes on Destiny: The Taken King

Now - MoreConsole's rag-tag band of guardians finally make it to the Oryx's ship...but can they make it out alive? | Promoted post

Games Seem Like a Better Use of Time Than Arguing on Forums, Says Phil Spencer

442 days 7 hours ago - Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Microsft’s Phil Spencer noted that the amount of time people spend fighting about consoles would be better served enj... | News | Xbox 360


Twitch - 1 million channels and rising

463 days 2 hours ago - Games Industry speaks with Twitch COO Kevin Linn about the growth of Twitch, the impact it's had on gamers and bringing the service to consoles. | Interview | E3


Twitch Considering Extending Service to Vita and 3DS, Says COO Kevin Lin

463 days 9 hours ago - There's potential for a Twitch streaming app on handheld devices like the 3DS or Vita, COO Kevin Lin has said. | News | PS Vita


"Mysterious Cards" on Steam Marketplace Suggest Steam Sale is Close

484 days 8 hours ago - The Steam Summer Sale may be launching soon, the appearance of a set of new "mysterious" cards on the Steam Marketplace suggests. | Rumor | PC


Nintendo Working on Figurine Line, No New Hardware Until Customers Happy with Wii U

518 days 14 hours ago - At today's Nintendo financial meeting, president Satoru Iwata addressed the news regarding Nintendo's poor financial results, and also detailed th... | News | Wii U


Molyneux shares his strategy for indie development

568 days 7 hours ago - Molyneux discusses his experience and strategies in regards to indie game development. | Interview | Dev


Steam Database Update Hints at Mac Release of Modern Warfare 2

577 days 10 hours ago - Mac players may finally be getting a chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, according to a recent update to the Steam database. | News | Dev


Current Game Music Doesn't Stand Out Because "It's Not Unique Anymore," Says Deus Ex Composer

584 days 8 hours ago - When compared to older games, newer scores seem to be less memorable and “unique,” Deus Ex composer Alexander Brandon said today in a Q&A on Reddit. | News | Industry


Twitch Plays Pokémon Resumes With Pokémon Crystal

585 days 5 hours ago - Viral sensation Twitch Plays Pokémon has today resumed, with Twitch Chat users already exploring the world of Pokémon Crystal. | News | Culture


After 16 Days, Twitch Plays Pokemon Draws to a Close

585 days 23 hours ago - After more than two weeks of inane walking in circles, spamming and Pokémon being released, the viral Twitch Plays Pokémon has at last drawn to a c... | News | Culture


Microsoft to Show off New Indie Games for Xbox at GDC

588 days 11 hours ago - Microsoft intends to unveil a few new indie games at this years Game Developer's Conference, Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer said today on Tw... | News | Xbox 360


Portal Boardgame in the Works

589 days 10 hours ago - A Portal board game - to be titled Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game - will soon be available to Valve fans, board game publisher Crypto... | News | Culture


Phil Spencer Likes the Idea of a KotOR Anniversary Edition, Says He'll "Put a Vote In"

589 days 12 hours ago - Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Phil Spencer has promised to suggest a Knights of the Old Republic Anniversary Edition to Microsoft. | News | Xbox 360


Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin Gives New Details on Transistor

593 days 9 hours ago - Transistor has been one of 2014's games to watch ever since its reveal a year ago. As the next project from Supergiant Games (the team behind the a... | Interview | PC


Enemies in Transistor Will Evolve with the Player

593 days 10 hours ago - Enemies in the upcoming Transistor, the second title from Bastion creators Supergiant Games will evolve with the player, creative director Greg Kas... | News | PC


Thomas Was Alone Dev Continues Fight Against IndMusic, Who Are Still Filing Monetization Claims

596 days 12 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell today took to Twitter to campaign against Indmusic, a company who allegedly have been removing monetization o... | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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