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I Was A Bully Once, On Xbox Live

253 days 19 hours ago - Recalling a time where I wasn’t myself while playing Xbox Live. A sort-of apology. | Opinion piece | Culture


World of Warcraft: Access is Now The Name of The Game

254 days 11 hours ago - Blizzard is adapting WoW to be more user-friendly, focusing in accessibility whilst maximizing profitability. | Article | PC


What If Microsoft Killed Xbox?

276 days 6 hours ago - The ultimate question: Where would Xbox go from what seems inevitable? | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Sexism, Videogames, and the Internet’s Indulgence

277 days 9 hours ago - Where the three topics collided into a messy pool of halfhearted arguments and illiteracy. (The title sounds like a romance novel.) | Opinion piece | Culture


Blood & Blade Giveaway

Now - Join us in celebrating the release of Blood & Blade with a key giveaway for in game gems. | Promoted post

Game Covers Vs. Brand: The Art of Game Promotion

284 days 11 hours ago - Game covers used to be unmissable, but now that the business has changed, they are losing importance. | Opinion piece | Culture


Nintendo's Fake Empire

285 days 22 hours ago - Maybe Nintendo’s downfall was always imminent? | Opinion piece | Wii U


‘Flappy Bird’ And The Nonsensical Obsession

289 days 21 hours ago - When games enter a new level of addictiveness. | Article | Mobile


The Legacy of Call of Duty

303 days 10 hours ago - Now that Call of Duty is showing signs of slowing down, where does the franchise’s impact sit in the longer run of the history of games? | Article | Culture


Why Games Are Stuck Creatively

318 days 21 hours ago - The videogame industry has its boundaries. Sadly, one of those seems to be a creative one too. But there are ways out of it. | Opinion piece | Culture


10 2014 Videogame Predictions

324 days 10 hours ago - Ten predictions that may or may not come true at some point during the course of 2014. Jeff from Holygrenade hopes he's correct always, but only ti... | Opinion piece | Culture


2013: The Year in Consoles

327 days 10 hours ago - One of the tougher years for consoles, Holygrenade takes a brief glimpse into the year that was for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. | Article | Xbox 360


Why Telltale Won 2013

332 days 4 hours ago - How the studio that came out of nowhere in 2012 continued its hot streak into 2013. | Opinion piece | Industry


Holygrenade Dictionary: The League of Legends Edition

338 days 11 hours ago - A guide for new players to weave through most of the complicated language in League of Legends. I will update this as necessary. | Article | PC


The Most Important Gaming Stories of 2013: Part One

338 days 19 hours ago - Counting down the heaviest, most discussed and otherwise important videogame stories of the last year. This is part one of a three-part series. | Opinion piece | Culture


The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1: “All That Remains” Review: A Return to Form | Holygrenade

339 days 12 hours ago - The Walking Dead saunters back in 2013 with Season Two, “All That Remains”. Here’s a review. Spoilers ahead. | Review | PC


Is It Still Criminal to Love Video Games?

341 days 4 hours ago - Some in the public eye still think games are terrible. But as technology slowly infiltrates our lives, pulling out a 3DS isn’t seen as childish any... | Opinion piece | Culture


Could E-Sports One Day Exist as a Mainstream TV Sport?

359 days 10 hours ago - It’s a question that e-sports constantly asks itself. But, conceivably, could it happen? | Article | Culture


Who Should Buy Kingdoms of Amalur?

367 days 4 hours ago - The once-promising series ran into some troubles. Can another company save it from obscurity? | Opinion piece | Industry


Nintendo's Barren (And Not So Barren) Christmas

367 days 13 hours ago - Of all the game companies, Nintendo will have the hardest time this Christmas. | Article | Wii U


Why Consoles Need Innovation

384 days 14 hours ago - A simple call to arms for the console companies to listen to. With mobile threatening to unravel things, now is the time for some innovation. | Opinion piece | Industry


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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