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Playstationlifestyle.net FIFA 11 Review

1481 days 14 hours ago - year ago, EA Sports released FIFA ‘10 to receive a staggering amount of interest that can be seen no plainer than in the sales it generated; beati... | Review | PS3


FIFA 11 Trophies Revealed

1485 days 1 hour ago - Every year again! The month of September is coming to an end and as for EA usual, as is also the years before a new part of the football game FIFA... | News | Xbox 360


SOCOM: Special Forces - Dual Shock Gameplay

1494 days 3 hours ago - Gameplay video showing gameplay of the Move-SOCOM: Special Forces, "we know enough about. This gameplay video from the Tokyo Game Show show played... | Video | PS3


Tales of Graces F gameplay from the TGS show floor

1494 days 17 hours ago - A couple minutes of footage from Namco Bandai’s upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG Tales of Graces F have surfaced from the Tokyo Game Show show floor toni... | Video | PS3


Getting started in Archeage

Now - Quick overview from Curse on everything you need to get going in Archeage. | Promoted post

Medal of Honor - certainly Censored version in Germany

1495 days 1 hour ago - Recently we have it reported the Medal of Honor probably be cut in Germany, is now EA also commented on the subject and has a censored version for... | News | PC

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