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"so Majoras Mask was the prediction to 2012. lets hope link is around to time travel and save us."

OnLive Running Borderlands at the E3 2010

2066 days ago - OnLive was announced during the GDC 2009. We are now very close to the official take off of the new technology which may change a lot of things in... | News | PC


Obama: iPods, iPads,Xboxes and PlayStations don't empower

2105 days 13 hours ago - Revolutions are difficult things. One person's change is another person's threat. One person's magic is another person's incarcerating sorcery.... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


X-Men Origins: Wolverine influenced by God of War

2590 days 14 hours ago - Wolverine's one of the deadliest fighters ever to be dreamed up by Marvel, and his new video game sounds like its going to live up to his reputat... | Preview | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 11


Hackers Discuss Wii Security Technology, Undocumented Chip

2591 days 1 hour ago - Even Wii developers didn't know of the processor's existence. The presentation also touched on DVD playback, the possibility of subscription-based... | Article | 3,15,14


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

kingdom hearts 358/2 days delayed

2594 days 6 hours ago - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days won't be coming in February 2009 after all. Don't worry, though. The game's not been canned - just delayed. I know, I kno... | News | 5,15

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