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"You're a nice guy Sully...That's why I'm going to kill you last.."

Chillingo founders “hard to replace”, Gibeau could be next exec to leave EA

761 days 12 hours ago - VG247: As Criterion, Chillingo and PopCap founders leave EA, one analyst reckons newly-appointed mobile boss Frank Gibeau could be next to leave | News | Industry


PlayStation Now must fight hard to sway cloud naysayers – opinion

762 days 7 hours ago - VG247: PlayStation Now, the new face of Gaikai, will provide PS3 cloud-streaming for PS4, PS Vita, Bravia TV and other devices. VG247′s Dave Cook e... | Opinion piece | PS4


Get Even: The Farm 51 officially announces its next-gen shooter, trailer inside

762 days 11 hours ago - Get Even is the new next-gen shooter from Painkiller: Hell & Damnation developer The Farm 51. We've got game details and a trailer inside. | News | PC


Alien: Isolation's survival horror format brings the fear factor - VG247 preview

763 days 6 hours ago - In space no one can hear you scream but in West Sussex they sure can. Stace Harman puts on a brave face for the reveal of The Creative Assembly’s m... | Preview | PC


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

First impressions: the Steam Machine and its confounding controller - VG247

763 days 6 hours ago - VG247: Phil Owen plays Metro: Last Light and Portal with Valve’s new controller and finds it an utterly bewildering experience. | Preview | PC


inFamous: Second Son’s moral tree will bring out your inner jerk – VG247 interview

764 days 8 hours ago - inFamous: Second Son is the first big PS4 exclusive of 2014, and it’s going to deliver a personal experience for every individual. VG247′s Dave Coo... | Interview | PS4


APB: Retribution looks to fill tablet gaming’s maturity gap - VG247

782 days 9 hours ago - APB: Retribution developer Blazing Griffin looks to show the world that tablet gaming is more than just crushing candies and hurling birds. It want... | Preview | iPad


ID@Xbox: Vlambeer blows the doors off Microsoft’s parity clause

782 days 13 hours ago - Xbox One’s indie program ID@Xbox is solid, says Nuclear Throne developer Vlambeer, but its parity clause is a real threat to Microsoft’s olive bran... | Interview | PS4


The making of Payday 2: from ’1.5′ project to heavyweight sequel – part two

788 days 8 hours ago - Payday 2 was a resounding success for Overkill Software, turning a profit before it even launched. VG247′s Dave Cook continues his chat with direct... | Interview | PC


VG247 Scotland issue #0: why Scotland is more than GTA 5

788 days 8 hours ago - VG247 Scotland is the new regular column that looks at pressing matters, new games and the studios making waves across the Scottish industry. In th... | Opinion piece | Industry


Online passes: the king is dead, long live the social world order - opinion

791 days 8 hours ago - Online passes look to have gone the way of the dodo. Brenna pauses in her celebratory cheerleading to ask why, and what might be coming in its place. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


From lumbering start to graceful finish: a brief history of PS3

795 days 11 hours ago - Gran Turismo 6 is out today and it marks what could be the end of Sony’s big, exclusive releases on its last-gen format. VG247′s Dave Cook charts t... | Article | PS3


$9 million and counting: why Prison Architect underlines a changing tide

796 days 1 hour ago - Prison Architect is still in alpha, but it has netted developer Introversion Software over $9 million. VG247′s Dave Cook speaks with co-founder Mar... | Interview | PC


PS4 and Xbox One launches: were they any good?

797 days ago - PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have launched in most territories now to varying levels of fanfare. VG247′s Dave Cook reflects on both launches and look... | Opinion piece | PS4


Nintendo needs to reach beyond its catalogue to save Wii U

797 days 3 hours ago - It’s no longer fashionable to believe in the Wii U. Brenna takes a look at Super Mario 3D World’s disappointing sales and admits the plumber isn’t... | Opinion piece | Wii U


PS4 Vita Remote Play: it just works, and it’s just brilliant

798 days 12 hours ago - PlayStation 4′s Remote Play feature and a war in the Murder House living room inspired Brenna to dust off her long-neglected Vita, with compelling... | Opinion piece | PS4


Killer Instinct is sparse, but has potential among the heavyweights - VG247 Xbox One Review

803 days 5 hours ago - Killer Instinct is out now on Xbox One. VG247′s Dave Cook reckons the fighter has a potentially bright future, but only if its additional content d... | Review | Xbox One


Contrast: how Sony helped bring light to the PS4 launch line-up

803 days 5 hours ago - Contrast developer Complusion Games tells VG247′s Dave Cook what it’s like to work with Sony as an indie team, and the benefits of having an early... | Interview | PS4


Killzone: Shadow Fall leads PS4′s visual charge, but lacks coherency - VG247 PS4 Review

804 days 9 hours ago - Killzone: Shadow Fall is arguably the best-looking next-gen title so far, but VG247′s Dave Cook reckons that the campaign’s old-hat design knifes G... | Review | PS4


Forza Motorsport 5: runs like a sports car, small like a compact - VG247 Xbox One review

805 days 13 hours ago - Forza Motorsport 5 is a technical marvel on Xbox One. While it makes the console sing, VG247′s Dave Cook feels that the on-disc content feels worry... | Review | Xbox One


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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