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Strider’s reboot does the Metroidvania dance… and it feels good | VG247 PS4 review

347 days 1 hour ago - Strider’s reboot has been a long time coming, and after many false-starts and cancelled projects, Dave feels that Killer Instinct developer Double... | Review | PS4


Titanfall beta: EA and Respawn open next-gen development to the players | VG247 preview

347 days 17 hours ago - After a weekend of hardcore mech rodeo, VG247′s Matt Martin and Dave Cook come away impressed by Respawn’s vision for next-gen gaming. | Preview | Xbox One


The Elder Scrolls Online PvP has potential, but suffers familiar problems | VG247 PC Preview

350 days ago - The Elder Scrolls Online’s beta phase rolls on, and Dave Cook’s been partaking in some PvP combat across Cyrodiil. Does it improve the overall pack... | Preview | PC


PS4 owner finds PS Plus loophole, subscribes until 2035 without paying a penny

352 days ago - PlayStation 4 users can currently claim a free 14-day PS Plus trial subscription for free via the PSN store, and one gamer has found a loophole on... | News | PS4


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Ring in the new year with gift cards. Check out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Titanfall: can Respawn convince millions to upgrade to Xbox One? - VG247 Xbox One preview

352 days 12 hours ago - It may be available on PC and Xbox 360, but after hands-on time with Titanfall, Stace Harman asks if this Microsoft-exclusive FPS can push gamers t... | Preview | Xbox One


Rise of the console indie: Bithell on PS4, Sony’s change in attitude & more

352 days 21 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone and Volume creator Mike Bithell continues his chat with VG247′s Dave Cook, turning to Sony’s indie stance, PS4′s performance in th... | Interview | PS4


Volume: Mike Bithell discusses the art of stealth, deception & reviving old heroes

353 days 17 hours ago - Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell tells VG247′s Dave Cook about how he quit his day job and started adapting the story of Robin Hood for the mo... | Interview | PC


Evolve: a higher state of online multiplayer - VG247 preview

353 days 21 hours ago - Stace Harman tracks down Evolve and examines the DNA of Turtle Rock’s promising new multiplayer experience, with hands-on impressions and interview... | Preview | PC


World of Speed – the new arcade-racer from the makers of NFS: Shift - VG247 PC preview

354 days 20 hours ago - Stace Harman goes hands-on with World of Speed, the new arcade-racing MMO from Need For Speed: Shift and Project CARS developer, Slightly Mad Studios. | Preview | PC


The Elder Scrolls Online: Skyrim skin can’t make up for MMORPG mediocrities - VG247 preview

355 days ago - The Elder Scrolls Online should be a heck of a gateway drug, luring the franchise’s single-player fanbase to the world of MMORPGs, but Brenna comes... | Preview | PC


The Elder Scrolls Online beta & the problem with monthly fees - VG247 PC Preview

357 days 19 hours ago - The Elder Scrolls Online had a PvE press beta this week, and after some eight hours of play, VG247′s Dave Cook has decided he probably wouldn’t pay... | Preview | PC


Thief: emphasising credibility, downplaying accessibility - VG247 PS4 preview

357 days 19 hours ago - Thief has to be more playable than its precursors – but without sacrificing the unforgiving stealth simulation that is the franchise’s core. The re... | Preview | PS4


The Last of Us: Left Behind – favouring emotion over action

357 days 21 hours ago - Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann discusses how to tell Ellie and Riley’s story in less than two hours and with fewer violent confrontations. | Interview | PS3


Rust: a noob’s journey – part two

358 days 9 hours ago - Rust continues to crush VG247′s Dave Cook under its cleated heels of savagery. Follow his futile trip into the unknown in part two of his noob’s jo... | Article | PC


Rust: a noob’s journey – part one

358 days 21 hours ago - Rust is the new survival sandbox game from Garry ‘Garry’s Mod’ Newman and it’s an intimidating beast. Follow survival sandbox noob Dave Cook as he... | Article | PC


Wolf Among Us episode 2 impressions: of vice and men - VG247 PC review

359 days 1 hour ago - The Wolf Among Us: Smoke and Mirrors sees Bigby wolf entering the world of vice and black market Glamour, but does it stack up to the strong season... | Review | PC


Dungeon Keeper mobile: why ‘free-to-play’ is losing its meaning

359 days 22 hours ago - Dungeon Keeper shows that the term ‘free-to-play’ is losing its meaning. VG247′s Dave Cook is fed up of the fleecing, and suggests that you take a... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Toukiden: The Age of Demons to succeed thanks to “universal appeal” - VG247 interview

361 days 1 hour ago - Japanese mythology-inspired co-op RPG Toukiden: The Age of Demons isn’t just for fangirls like Brenna, according to producer Kenichi Ogasawara. | Interview | PS Vita


Dark Souls 2: walking the line between pleasure and pain - VG247 PS3 preview

362 days ago - From Software is at it again and Stace Harman discovers that with Dark Souls 2, only through suffering can enlightenment be attained. At least, tha... | Preview | PS3


Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught – Michael’s Mire - VG247 Xbox One review

365 days 18 hours ago - Call of Duty: Ghosts’ first DLC pack ‘Onslaught’ shows a desire to shake up the typical map-pack format, but is it enough to get the punters paying? | Review | Xbox One


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