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"Going Commando"

Bulletstorm Looks Badass, Detailed With Dev Commentary

1919 days 9 hours ago - Ironstar: "Bulletstorm looks beast! Epic Games' new multiplatform FPS Bulletstorm, which is being co-developed by People Who Can Fly, looks like mi... | News | PC


What Are You Doing, During This Dry A** Period Of Gaming?

1921 days 23 hours ago - Ironstar: The Summer usually isn't the best time to find ideal games at retail, but perhaps you console gamers can enjoy some of the downloadable t... | Article | Xbox 360


Microsoft Abandons Xbox Live On Amazon

1924 days 22 hours ago - Ironstar: "I'm not always too fond of purchasing downloadable titles off the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, at times I visit to acqui... | News | Xbox 360


Is This The World's First PS3 Mod-chip?

1927 days 21 hours ago - Ironstar: The mind of famous Geohotz couldn't hack the PS3. It's amazing that no one has ever successfully modded the PS3, however some renegade ga... | Rumor | PS3


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The Secrets of Killzone 3 Multiplayer (Video)

1928 days 22 hours ago - Ironstar: "Killzone 3's multiplayer was just revealed today at Sony's Gamescom press event. The original trailer can be seen here. Being a huge fan... | Article | PS3


But, What About Mass Effect (1) EA?

1929 days 4 hours ago - Ironstar: "With the sweet and galvanizing announcement of Mass Effect 2 for PS3, many of you probably are wondering: what about Mass Effect, the or... | Article | PC


GC2010: Resistance 3 Confirmed By Insomniac

1929 days 6 hours ago - Ironstar: Insomniac has had gamers on edge during the past few months for a variety of reasons including, the next Resistance title, their partners... | News | PS3


GC2010: Crysis 2 Nano And Limited Editions Announced

1929 days 13 hours ago - Ironstar: Crytek has just announced that Crysis 2 will be receiving two variations of collectors' goodness, the Crysis 2 Nano and Limited Edition. | News | PC


The Sad And Hilarious Truth of Modern Warfare 2

1931 days 17 hours ago - Ironstar: With Call of Duty: Black Ops on the horizon, one could only cringe in retrospect at all the flaws of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; if y... | Opinion piece | PC


A Video Game Theme That Would Make Life Epic...

1931 days 19 hours ago - Ironstar: "Music is something that sets the theme game, and it's more apparent to me in RPGs than in any other genres of gaming. Music, either narr... | Article | PS2


Jaffe: "I Don't Know" - Sensationalist Headline FTW!

1933 days 12 hours ago - Ironstar: "Before I even begin to touch on the purpose of this article I must say -- Jaffe -- I got you b*tch. That's right I succeeded Jaffe, I ma... | Article | PS3


Review: Madden '11 (To Barf 60 Bucks Or Not To Barf 60 Bucks) [Ironstar]

1936 days 11 hours ago - Ironstar: "Madden '11 is yet another one of EA's yearly NFL titles of the very old franchise. People like me tend to steer far away from Madden con... | Review | Xbox 360


Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta Website Launched, Announcement Imminent?

1938 days 19 hours ago - Ironstar: Earlier we reported that we can confirm that the Killzone 3 multiplayer beta is indeed real, however we couldn't confirm the beta would b... | News | PS3


Chris Brown Making A Comeback, As A Kirby Fan?

1941 days 2 hours ago - Ironstar: It's no secret that Chris Brown's career took a tumble when he was accused of beating his ex-girlfriend Rihanna; not necessarily gaming r... | Article | Nintendo DS


DLC Intended To Screw You: $8 For A Character, Seriously!?

1942 days 5 hours ago - Ironstar: Downloadable content is utilized by Game Developers/Publishers for a variety of reasons, which include keeping you from selling the game... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta Confirmed (Video)

1942 days 18 hours ago - Ironstar: Shhh...Killzone 3 has been spotted in the wild. An early beta tester has been enjoying Killzone 3 rather early, and it is a completely di... | News | PS3


Rumor: Microsoft Sending Out "Kinect Beta" Invites

1943 days 1 hour ago - Ironstar: There is a fresh rumor that suggests that Microsoft may be inviting Xbox Live beta testers to participate in a Kinect beta. Supposedly, p... | Rumor | Xbox 360


Drake Passing The Torch To Shepard

1945 days ago - Ironstar: Last year, Nathan Drake obnoxiously won "Game-of-the-Year" by a no contest. Despite his arguable egotistical attitude, Drake has everythi... | Opinion piece | PC


Ironstar Podcast - Episode 23 (A Video-game Holiday?)

1945 days 16 hours ago - Ironstar: This week NEXON profits from free-to-play gaming, Insomniac has something up their sleeve, Valve starts helping Mac game developers, some... | Podcast | Nintendo DS


Tired of The Lame Releases? What's Your "Go To" Game?

1946 days 20 hours ago - Ironstar: Being an avid gamer, I often come across small periods of time where I cant find a good game to hold my attention for more than ten minut... | Article | Wii


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