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"Going Commando"

Toys R' Us Discounts 320GB PS3 To $249.99

1199 days 12 hours ago - Dual Pixels: Toys R' Us has discounted the 320GB model of PS3s to the suggested retail price of the 160GB model to eliminate inventory for the inFA... | News | PS3


Wipeout 2048; 37 Years From Now - TGS Trailer

1199 days 18 hours ago - DP: PS VITA will be getting PlayStation's most extreme racing series when Wipeout 2048 makes it's way on to the console. | News | PS Vita


Rufus Confirmed For Street Fighter X Tekken Along With Two More

1202 days 19 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Guess what other big guy is coming to Street Fighter X Tekken from the Capcom Universe? Rufus. | News | Xbox 360


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker And Uncharted 3 Get Special DualShock 3s

1209 days 5 hours ago - Dual Pixels: Gaming in style has always been a preferred way to experience my favorite titles. With both Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and Metal... | News | PS3


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New Resident Evil Umbrella Sciences Site Launches With Mysterious Script

1214 days 16 hours ago - DP: Capcom is teasing something regarding Resident Evil and it involves enough conspiracy writing and glitches to make a CIA agent go nuts. | News | Wii


Updated PS Vita Specs Confirm No Ram (or V-RAM) Changes

1229 days 8 hours ago - DP: PlayStation Vita is pretty powerful, and it's great to see Sony has made no compromises from what has been originally promised in keeping the s... | News | PS Vita


Gamescom 2011: PS Vita Resistance Burning Skies Announced

1229 days 17 hours ago - Dual Pixels - A new Resistance experience for PS Vita has been announced fresh out of Sony's PlayStation Gamescom conference. Resistance Burning Sk... | News | PS Vita


Square Enix To Drop "Enix" From Their Name, In A Re-branding Effort?

1230 days 10 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Earlier today, it was discovered that Square Enix had filed for a trademark of the name "Square" which cites the many methods of vide... | Rumor | Nintendo DS


Square Enix Files Trademark For Possible New Gaming Platform

1230 days 22 hours ago - Dual Pixels -- Square Enix has filed for a trademark which patents "Square". At first impression, it may be hard to make of the very general descri... | Rumor | Tech


Sleeper Hit PSN Exclusive Malicious Developers Teasing News

1238 days 1 hour ago - Dual Pixels - Malicious hasn't released anywhere besides on the Japanese PSN Store, yet it is easily one of the best PSN titles ever released. | News | PS3


New Crysis 2 Black Fire Mod Takes It To New Levels Of Insanely Beautiful

1245 days 10 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Crysis 2 was already made my GPU scream when I tried to play it at Ultra DX11 settings. The beautiful Crysis 2 graphics only achievab... | News | PC


The Best Third Person Shooter For This Fall?

1245 days 11 hours ago - Dual Pixels- After recently playing the multiplayer beta for PS3 exclusive Uncharted 3, and previewing the Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War 3, I thi... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Fake

1249 days 4 hours ago - Dual Pixels - It's fake. It doesn't exist. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a figment of our imagination caused by Square Enix procrastinating and blu... | Opinion piece | PS3


No More Heroes Stepping On A New Platform

1251 days 14 hours ago - Dual Pixels - One of the best action games on Wii, No More Heroes, will have a title releasing on mobile platforms in the future. | News | Wii


Capcom's God of War, "Asura's Wrath" Looks Good

1258 days 16 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Capcom, I must admit, Asura's Wrath looks good, so I won't knock it too much for looking like a God of War clone. Asura will soon fac... | News | Xbox 360


The Best Easter Egg Ever Is In Valve's Game

1274 days 23 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Valve is notorious for adding quirky elements to their video games; their innovation throughout all their titles is the reason they h... | Video | PC


Respawn Entertainment Teasing Their First Game, Website Live

1277 days 15 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Surely you know of Respawn entertainment, that spawned directly after the Activision and Infinity Ward controversy over the Call of D... | News | PC


It's Only Right That The Uncharted Series Ends This Way

1280 days 13 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Drake's Fortune, Among Thieves, Drake's Deception; what's next? Okay, don't laugh, because we're actually excited to see Nathan Drake... | Article | PS3


New Xbox 360 Exclusive Kinect Based Shooter To Feature Multiplayer

1290 days 12 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Microsoft's new first party studio in Vancouver is developing a Kinect based shooter and new job listings confirm competitive and/or... | News | Xbox 360


World Premiere Uncharted 3 Footage To Be Shown Tonight

1291 days 13 hours ago - Dual Pixels - Brand new footage of Uncharted 3 will be debuting tonight. In collaboration with Jimmy Fallon, who seems to love Video Games these da... | News | PS3


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