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Need For Speed: Most Wanted U Review (Nintendo Enthusiast)

962 days ago - The speedometer says 201. Your thumb twitches, trying to keep it in a straight line. Hit the brake and set up a drift, then nail the boost. Fair... | Review | Wii U


10th Anniversary – Metroid Prime

1106 days 4 hours ago - A decade ago, Metroid made its return to Nintendo consoles. Here, we discuss Metroid Prime, and what made it such a classic. | Article | GameCube


Halloween Special Part 2: Best Games to Play

1122 days 5 hours ago - With Halloween rapidly approaching and October almost coming to an end, people should be perfectly in the mood for this time of year. But lets say... | Opinion piece | Wii


The Wii U Melt Down

1165 days 15 hours ago - Nintendo Enthusiast writes: You would expect the gaming media to be providing us with some careful analysis on the launch of the Wii U. You'd also... | Opinion piece | Wii U


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at HotLiked.com. You will regret it... | Promoted post

Nintendo Enthusiast Interviews XSEED Games (The Last Story, Operation Rainfall and more)

1193 days 15 hours ago - It was almost six months ago when The Last Story got its North American release announcement. Now that it has finally launched, we're happy to rep... | Interview | Wii


What Motion Controls Got Right — Pt. 3 (Sword-Fighting Games)

1243 days 2 hours ago - It was likely the first thought that crossed many minds when the Wii remote was first unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005: "What can it do for... | Article | Wii


When "Pretty Good" Isn't Good Enough

1264 days 6 hours ago - The E3 when we all planned on Nintendo knocking our socks off was instead stolen by...Ubisoft? Has the world gone mad? Breathe, Nintendo fans. T... | Opinion piece | Wii


The Wii’s Checkered FPS History

1276 days 12 hours ago - Did motion controls mix with first-person shooters? Here, we discuss the Wii's rocky history with FPS. | Article | Wii


Have We Taken Motion Controls For Granted?

1299 days ago - Motion controls didn’t benefit every genre, but they were a fantastic addition to certain games. As the dawn of the tablet controller nears, a nag... | Opinion piece | Wii


OpRainfall: Why Pandora’s Tower Matters (Pt. 2 – Dark Games)

1304 days 15 hours ago - Despite games like Eternal Darkness and Majora's Mask, Nintendo isn't known for dark games with mature themes. With Operation Rainfall, we discuss... | Opinion piece | Wii


Why Pandora's Tower Matters (and why it's like No More Heroes)

1311 days 4 hours ago - Niche titles are the cult classics of videogaming. Pandora's Tower could end up being for its developer what No More Heroes was to Suda51. This i... | Opinion piece | Wii


Retro Review - Metroid: Zero Mission

1320 days 6 hours ago - It would be easy to simply label Zero Mission as a remake of the original Metroid, but it’s much more than that. It will no doubt be heading to th... | Review | Retro


Mega Man: A Retrospective – Part 2

1322 days 22 hours ago - This week's entry is about the misunderstood black sheep of the Mega Man series from the NES era. Part 2 of a series. | Article | Wii


My Love/Hate/Adore Relationship with Xenoblade

1327 days 5 hours ago - The game I wanted to love above all others is finally in my hands. The initial verdict after a few hours of playing? Well, it's complicated... | Preview | Wii


Why Wii U’s Power Doesn’t Matter

1332 days 2 hours ago - The reports that the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 are about as worrisome as a cloudy day. Here's why. | Opinion piece | Wii


Retro Review: Metroid Fusion

1333 days 3 hours ago - Can you believe we're approaching the 10-year anniversary of Metroid Fusion's release? In this retro review, we consider if it has stood the test... | Review | Nintendo DS


Games Are (Surreal) Art

1341 days 5 hours ago - The surrealist nature of game design allows a very different type of art to be crafted and appreciated. Here, we discuss why titles like Castlevan... | Opinion piece | Wii


Opening Pandora’s Box (a Kotaku Counterpoint)

1348 days 5 hours ago - Pandora's Tower hasn't gotten the written accolades of its Operation Rainfall stablemates, Xenoblade and The Last Story. But its redeeming qualiti... | Opinion piece | Wii


The Evolution of Nintendo and the Wii U Attitude

1354 days 17 hours ago - In the past, Nintendo has been notoriously stingy about helping third parties with...well, much of anything. But this time? This time they’re pree... | Opinion piece | Wii


Did Operation Rainfall work?

1369 days 6 hours ago - So far, 2 of the 3 OpRainfall games have been announced for North America. Is it safe to say that the movement worked, or was this Nintendo's plan... | Opinion piece | Wii


Track Pokemon GO at Releases.com

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