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The New Console Wars: Google & Apple Entering The Game Console Market From The Bottom Up

881 days 22 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - If the rumors are true, Google and Apple will be making a serious play for gaming in the living this fall. Both Google and Appl... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Microsoft Removing Xbox One DRM Shouldn't Remove Key Features

892 days 16 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - The benefits Microsoft touted as to why DRM was necessary shouldn't have to go away for any legal, financial or technical reaso... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Did The Xbox One Or PS4 Make A Case For The Next Generation Of Gaming?

897 days 23 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - E3 has drawn to a close and the dust is beginning to settle from Sony and Microsoft's big events. Both set out to show why thei... | Opinion piece | PS4


What Microsoft Needs To Show At E3 To Get Gamers Excited About The Xbox One

903 days 8 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - After multiple half-hearted attempts to gain control of the narrative, Microsoft finally released a page on their website with... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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What Sony Has To Show At E3 To Keep PS4 Momentum

903 days 23 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - Going into this E3 Sony has a lot of momentum. They've now officially sold more PS3's than Microsoft has sold Xbox 360's in th... | Opinion piece | PS4


Microsoft's Xbox One Reveal Played Right Into Sony's PS4 Plans

919 days 21 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - It's no secret that Microsoft has had it's eye on more than just gamers as customers for the future of the Xbox for quite some... | Opinion piece | PS4


Who is Microsoft's Target Audience For The Xbox One?

921 days 22 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - Yesterday Microsoft unveiled their 3rd iteration of the Xbox, oddly named, the Xbox One. Over 30 mins of the 1 hour presentatio... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Steam Box is Dead On Arrival

929 days 10 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - The idea of being able to play games on the couch from arguably the best gaming platform on the market sounds great. In fact ma... | Opinion piece | PC


Xbox Mini or Xbox TV?

941 days 22 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - There has been speculation since last year that Microsoft was going to make a serious move into the media streaming market when... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


What Microsoft Needs To Show At The Xbox 720 Announcement

949 days 2 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - In February Sony officially kicked off the start of the next generation of gaming consoles (sorry Nintendo) by announcing the P... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


How The Worlds Most Powerful Graphics Card Could Change The Internet

978 days 12 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - Nvidia released the worlds most powerful graphics card (in a single GPU) in February but last week showed off their new engine... | Opinion piece | PC


What Sony Needs To Show At E3

1010 days 4 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - After Wednesday’s PS4 press conference I felt pretty good about the direction Sony was taking the Playstation brand. It’s been... | Opinion piece | PS4


Sony's Playstation 4 Announcement Did Everything It Was Supposed To Do

1011 days 13 hours ago - Everyday Digitals - Last night Sony announced it's next-generation video game console, the Playstation 4. The internet was on fire as the hype trai... | Opinion piece | PS3


Will Sony's PS4 Be The 'Netflix' For Video Games?

1013 days 6 hours ago - Early last year Sony announced that it was acquiring the game streaming company Gaikai for a reported $380 Million. Many speculated what this meant... | Opinion piece | PS4

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