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Sony Need To Remove Twitch Feature From PlayRoom

590 days 1 hour ago - Eskimo Press: "The integration of Twitch TV streaming into next-generation consoles is genius. However, some people are abusing this new feature in... | Opinion piece | PS4


Mutli-Platform Games May Not Look Better on PlayStation 4

596 days 8 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "One of the most overlooked reports of last year was when Microsoft's Xbox 360 release policy was revealed. It forbids developers to... | Opinion piece | PS4


Crash Bandicoot Definitely Coming to the PlayStation 4

597 days 1 hour ago - Eskimo Press: "We were kind of hoping that Crash Bandicoot would be revealed at the PlayStation 4 All-Access event that aired on the 14th of Novemb... | Rumor | PS4


Next Gen Blasto Could Be Sony's Next Big Surprise

599 days 7 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Remember Blasto? The space hunk super-hero whose sole purpose in life is to "save babes"? Well, it looks like a next-gen sequel for... | Rumor | PS4


5 Ways to be a Terrible Game Designer

Now - Here are five of the most troublesome yet common ways that designers screw things up for ourselves, our teams, and our projects. | Promoted post

Could Destiny Become A PlayStation Exclusive?

600 days 9 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Bungie have recently abandoned their critically acclaimed Halo franchise in favor of exploring new horizons. As we draw closer to th... | Opinion piece | PS3


Call of Duty: Ghosts Uses Recycled And Re-textured Maps

604 days 4 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "The most popular Call of Duty: Ghosts map, Strikezone, is nothing more than Modern Warfare 3 map that has been re-textured and rotat... | News | Xbox 360


Naughty Dog Is Ready To Reveal Uncharted 4

604 days 8 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "In October, 2013, one of our contacts told us that they knew Uncharted 4 was well in to development. Shortly after that they confirm... | Rumor | PS4


Mainstream Media Connect Call of Duty: Ghosts To Shooting

608 days 4 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Cliffviewpilot somehow connect a Garden State Plaza shooting with the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The mainstream morons are at... | News | Culture


The Hypocrisy Of The Gaming Industry Is Sickening

608 days 7 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "The ice is cracking beneath Microsoft's feet. Statistically speaking, the PlayStation 4 is out-performing and out-selling the Xbox O... | Article | Xbox 360


Ellen Page Not Suing For Leaked Nude Pictures

609 days 8 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Photo-realistic nude pictures of Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls leaked last October and we were among the first sites to report. A... | News | PS3


Ubisoft Snuff Rumors Of Discontinuing Nintendo Support

609 days 10 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "The Nintendo Wii U is certainly not living up to the success its predecessor. Sales are weak, support is weak, and first-party exclu... | News | Wii U


Five Current-Gen Games That Deserve A Next-Gen Upgrade

610 days 7 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "There are a handful of current-gen games that will be seeing a release on next-gen consoles. Those games include Assassin's Creed 4,... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


´╗┐Savage Starlight Is Not Naughty Dog's Next Game

610 days 12 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "The next Naughty Dog game is definitely not Savage Starlight, and might have nothing to do with space, at all. Our sources are still... | Rumor | PS4


Amazon Confusion: Why You Might Not Get Your Console On Release

613 days 4 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Did you order your PlayStation 4 from Amazon UK before the 6th of August? Or did you upgrade to a bundle deal expecting a release da... | News | PS4


No Plans As Of Yet For PlayStation 4 Release In Other Countries

613 days 7 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Do you live in the minority of countries that will not be getting a PlayStation 4 release this year due to the lack of support? Well... | News | PS4


Battlefield 4 Could Be Deliberately Downgraded For The PlayStation 4

614 days 7 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Battlefield 4 is one of the most anticipated first-person shooter games of both current and next-gen consoles. Despite running on 6... | Opinion piece | PS4


Killzone Shadow Fall: PlayStation's Answer To Halo?

620 days 9 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "The Killzone series set itself aside from other shooters for its authentic feel. Its dark and gritty atmosphere accompanied by incre... | Opinion piece | PS4


Uncharted 4 Reveal Expected At Spike's VGAs 2013

622 days 4 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "It doesn't take a prophet to predict the release of Uncharted 4. Evidence actually suggests that Naughty Dog are well into the devel... | Rumor | PS3


Sony Cracking Down On Ellen Page Pictures, Lawsuit Inbound?

623 days 14 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Sony Computer Entertainment is requesting that all leaked nude images of Ellen Page to be removed. Does this mean that Ms. Page is v... | News | PS3


Liberty City To GTA Online, GTA V To Next-Gen & So Much More

625 days 8 hours ago - Eskimo Press: "Rockstar Games is confident that Grand Theft Auto Online is the key to the future of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, so much, in fac... | Article | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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