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"Wants GTA V Now!!!"

The first five games in the Tomb Raider series are now available on Steam

879 days 18 hours ago - For the first time on steam you can buy the first five games in the Tomb Raider series. | News | PC


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 6th of June 2012

1055 days 1 hour ago - Greetings, greetings! With E3 going on this week things have been super busy for us here at SCEE. I’m sure many of have been keeping up to date th... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 30 May 2012

1061 days 13 hours ago - The much asked for Gravity Rush demo reaches European shores today. With the ability to control gravity, you play as Kat, lost in a strange city wi... | News | PS2


Heads-Up PlayStation Store Update 23rd May 2012

1068 days 14 hours ago - Feel the immense power of magic flowing through your hands as you become a formidable sorcerer.Cast incredible spells and combos with easy movement... | News | PS2


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 9th May 2012

1082 days 2 hours ago - Welcome! This week we start off with Sega’s Binary Domain, which will now be available to download from our store from today! Set in a distant f... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update – 2nd May 2012

1090 days 3 hours ago - Gran Turismo fans, start your engines! Back again for 2012, we’re happy to release the new Gran Turismo Academy (released Tuesday 1st May). Take on... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Update – 2nd May 2012

1096 days 11 hours ago - As you already know, you will find naught but awesome in May’s PlayStation Plus update, by way of Ronimo Games and DTP Entertainment’s Awesomenauts... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update – 25th April 2012

1096 days 19 hours ago - This week’s front runner is The Walking Dead, courtesy of Telltale Games, who previously brought you the much loved Back to the Future: The Game.... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update11th April 2012

1111 days ago - Episodes from Liberty City heads its way onto the PS Store on this fine sunny day*. This includes both expansions (The Lost and Damned and The Ball... | News | PSP


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 4th April 2012

1117 days 13 hours ago - I Am Alive, is a believable post-apocalyptical tale, there are no supernatural threats, just an everyman who faces the permanent insecurity of a no... | News | PSP


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 14th March 2012

1137 days 20 hours ago - Get ready for a unique experience in this week’s release of Journey. Enjoy stunning visuals, haunting music and unique online gameplay as you soar... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 7th March 2012

1146 days 2 hours ago - Trine 2 is finally here. After a long wait I’m happy to say the game many of you have been waiting for is finally coming to the PlayStation Store t... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 29th February 2012

1153 days 2 hours ago - And so, we reach a new Wednesday which only means some more updates to the PS Store. Have you guys been keeping busy with your new Vita, or has you... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 22nd February 2012

1160 days 2 hours ago - Hello again gamers! As I’m sure some of you will be busy with your new PlayStation Vitas, you may have forgotten about the usual update. No matter,... | News | PSP


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 15th February 2012

1167 days 2 hours ago - Greetings humble gamers. I come forth with a new update of the PlayStation Store. After a bit of a wait we now have Worms Ultimate Mayhem ready an... | News | PS2


Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 8th February 2012

1173 days 16 hours ago - Heads-Up’ PlayStation Store Update 8th February 2012 | News | PSP

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