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Why gamers hate Call Of Duty

965 days 7 hours ago - Metro: A lot of game journalists are not looking forward to this year’s Call Of Duty. Not because of the game itself but because of the militant... | Opinion piece | PC


Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.2 interview - Legacy of the Force

965 days 7 hours ago - Metro: GameCentral speaks to the lead designer of MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic about the new Legacy update and how the game has fared since i... | Interview | PC


Risen 2: Dark Waters review - sunken treasure - Metro

965 days 7 hours ago - Metro: Skyrim mixed with Pirates of the Caribbean sounds like the world's best idea for an open world role-player, but is the end result a rum d... | Review | PC


New Augmented Reality Table Incorporates the Kinect and PlayStation Eye

965 days 7 hours ago - Ripten: While the dominance of our robot overlords is a future inevitability, hopefully we can enjoy some Tron and Minority Report-inspired tech... | News | Tech


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Designing Charismatic Characters For Alien Spidy, Coming To PSN In June

965 days 10 hours ago - Andrew McKerrow – Product Manager, Kalypso: One of the key factors for a game to be successful revolves around the charisma and empathy of the l... | News | PS3


Sniper Elite V2 Review - Eurogamer

965 days 10 hours ago - Eurogamer: Sniper Elite knows its limits, by which I mean its audience. It's not looking to hook the historical re-enactment crowd with a pedant... | Review | PC


Enemy Front: The True Spiritual Successor To Black - Preview by GameInformer

965 days 11 hours ago - GI: Enemy Front opens like many World War II first-person shooters. You are running through a dilapidated city fighting enemies with swastikas e... | Preview | PC


Persona 4 Golden Coming to PS Vita This Fall - PSBlog Preview

965 days 11 hours ago - Posted by Aram Jabbari // Manager of Public Relations and Sales, Atlus - Look at it. Just look at it. Your PlayStation Vita. It’s so sexy, isn’... | Preview | PS Vita


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Preview - AtomicGamer

965 days 11 hours ago - AtomicGamer: At Namco's Global Gamers Day, rock star developer Katsuhiro Harada emerged from a Lamborghini with two cosplaying ladies at his sid... | Preview | PC


Review: Deep Black: Reloaded - Destructoid

965 days 11 hours ago - Destructoid: Deep Black is a third-person shooter that feels like Dead Space, Halo, Gears of War, and Call of Duty all got together and produced... | Review | PC

Lone Survivor Review - ActionTrip

965 days 11 hours ago - ActionTrip: So you wanna be a gaming hipster and play indie titles? Fabtastic! I have just the thing for you: Lone Survivor, a psychological hor... | Review | PC


Botanicula Review - ActionTrip

965 days 11 hours ago - ActionTrip: Quality humor is all but absent from mainstream gaming, and if this bothers you, put on your indie hipster hat (Check. - Ed. Vader)... | Review | PC


Where Are All The British Games?

965 days 11 hours ago - IGN: Has the UK lost its national video game identity? Japan is known for its quirky, offbeat games and a devotion to the role-playing game.... | Opinion piece | Culture


Fable Heroes Review - Lionhead Can’t Save These Heroes From Themselves - GameInformer

965 days 11 hours ago - GI: I suspect that Fable Heroes is Lionhead’s attempt to capture the thrill of modern downloadable beat ‘em ups like Castle Crashers and blend i... | Review | Xbox 360


Draw Something sheds millions of users, figures suggest

965 days 12 hours ago - BBC: Less than two months after it was sold for $200m (£123m), mobile game Draw Something may be suffering a large dip in users, figures have su... | News | Android


The Walking Dead: A New Day – XBLA Review - BrashGames

965 days 12 hours ago - BrashGames: I’ve been waiting for a decent episodic title for a while now, and having just finished the first Walking Dead TV series on DVD, it... | Review | PC


Risen 2: Dark Waters Review - Eurogamer

965 days 12 hours ago - Eurogamer: Since time began, Piranha Bytes' RPGs have always had one thing in common. They are "interesting", much as Oblivion was less "interes... | Review | PC


We have to hand it to Datura, this virtual reality rig is impressive

965 days 12 hours ago - Joystiq: Datura looks like it will be a mind-melting Move masterpiece on its own, but seeing it running on a giant screen with a virtual reality... | Video | PS3


Sniper Elite V2 review - on target? - Metro

965 days 16 hours ago - Metro: Slowly and carefully are not really the watchwords for most modern military shooters. Nowadays stealth games and a Second World War setti... | Review | PC


Pre-Order Starhawk For Lots Of Free Stuff

966 days 1 hour ago - Posted by Harvard Bonin // Senior Producer, SCEA: Starhawk Fans! As you know Starhawk will be released far and wide starting Tuesday, May 8th.... | News | PS3


Get paid to review products

Now - Join the finest minds in consumer research and change the world one product at a time. Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Participation... | Promoted post
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