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Our Darker Purpose Review | GameInformer

263 days 11 hours ago - GI: Fans of The Binding of Isaac will find a lot to love in Avidly Wild Games’ Our Darker Purpose. This Tim Burton-esque romp through the nightm... | Review | PC


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare hands-on with Garden Ops | OXM

263 days 17 hours ago - OXM writes: We took to a beach-based level fighting through two sessions of Garden Ops. The first time around, we set up our stronghold by the o... | Preview | Xbox 360


Bravely Default: Moving boldly into RPGs’ past | SBG Review

263 days 17 hours ago - SBG - Bravely Default is often a contradiction. Obscure though its terminology may be, the game’s title indicates a bold step backward, and the... | Review | 3DS


Introducing Kodoku, a new survival horror for PS4 and PS Vita

263 days 17 hours ago - Romain Toutain – Founder, Carnivore Studio - Hello! I’m Romain, founder of Carnivore Studio, an independent studio based in London. You may hav... | News | PS4



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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments Coming to PS3, PS4

263 days 18 hours ago - Posted by Olga Ryzhko // Frogwares - Hi PlayStation.Blog! This is Olga from Frogwares, and I get to tell you about our latest game, Sherlock Hol... | News | PS3


Long Live the Queen review | Eurogamer

263 days 19 hours ago - Eurogamer writes: My cursor pauses, thoughtfully, above the castle map. I'm running calculations in my head, cross-referencing with a chart of m... | Review | PC


Enemy Front is a fresh approach to World War II shooters | Destructoid

263 days 20 hours ago - D-toid: Think Bad Company 2 mixed with Far Cry 3 Back in 2011 City Interactive announced Enemy Front, a World War II shooter that was being w... | Preview | PC


Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Review | OXM

264 days 15 hours ago - OXM: Aveline de Grandpré isn’t the first Assassin’s Creed hero to come from a privileged background, but she’s certainly the first to exploit it... | Review | Xbox 360


Halo: Spartan Assault Comes to Xbox 360 on Jan. 31

264 days 18 hours ago - Xbox Wire: The battle between humanity and the Covenant expands to new warfronts as “Halo: Spartan Assault” arrives on Xbox 360 on Jan. 31 for $... | News | Xbox 360


"It's a good day to be an Eve player"

265 days 16 hours ago - Maker CCP responds to the biggest battle ever. Roughly this time yesterday afternoon, someone in Eve Online missed a rent payment and triggered... | News | PC


Our Favorite Moments From the Gears of War Series

266 days 10 hours ago - Xbox Wire - Yesterday we made the earth-shaking announcement that, with Microsoft’s acquisition of the rights to all things “Gears of War,” one... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


This Week’s Xbox Live Store Deals

266 days 10 hours ago - Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 3 February 2014. | News | Xbox 360


DC Universe Online: New Characters, Operations and More

266 days 10 hours ago - Posted by Larry Liberty // Executive Producer, DC Universe Online - The War of the Light has begun! The first of a three-part series of DLC Pack... | News | PC


Second Son’s Seattle: Bringing the Infamous City to Life

267 days 18 hours ago - Posted by Horia Dociu // Art Director, Sucker Punch Productions - From the start, Seattle felt like the perfect locale for Second Son. Sucker Punc... | Video | PS4


The Secrets and Homages of Thief

270 days 7 hours ago - IGN: Eidos Montreal highlights nods to classic Thief, alongside some new puzzles and secrets. | Video | PC


How Thief has changed, for better and for worse | Eurogamer

270 days 13 hours ago - Eurogamer writes: Thief is going to be different. Of course, the series is being rebooted, reimagined after ten years in the shadows, so it's bo... | Preview | PC


Warframe Update: New Warframe, Trophies, Custom Controls

270 days 14 hours ago - Pat Kudirka // Associate Producer, Digital Extremes- Warframe fans! Update 11.5 is here and we have a ton of goodies in store. Many of our playe... | News | PS4


Thief: The Hardcore Options of Infiltration | IGN

270 days 16 hours ago - IGN writes: Garrett is a terrible thief. Invariably, each of his big jobs ends with the “Master Thief” getting caught red-handed. He is, however... | Preview | PC


Hands-on with Thief for PS4 | PSBlog

270 days 17 hours ago - PSBlog writes: Garrett snuffs out a candle flame as he stalks through the closed jewelry shop, inches away from a snoring guard. While the jewel... | Preview | PS4


Destructoid Preview: The first four hours of Thief

270 days 18 hours ago - Destructoid writes: Back in October, I got the chance to sit down to chat with members of Eidos Montreal after a lengthy session with the new en... | Preview | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

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