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Evolve: all-new Kraken vs Hunters gameplay

68 days 7 hours ago - Vg247: Take a look at Turtle Rock’s 4-on-1 monster shooter Evolve with this new Kraken versus Hunters gameplay. Aside from the awesome gamepl... | Video | PC


SBG Preview: Wii U Smash Bros. makes moves toward Melee

87 days 8 hours ago - SBG writes: After months of brief gameplay teasers at previous press events, Nintendo finally allowed fans and media a shot at playing Super Sma... | Preview | Wii U


Murdered: Soul Suspect: Catching them dead to rights | SBG

88 days 10 hours ago - SBG writes: Adventure games have taken many forms over the genre’s long history, with recent efforts including the crowdfunded Broken Age and mo... | Review | PC


Bayonetta 2: Gameplay Demo - E3 | IGN

97 days 12 hours ago - IGN writes: Things get absolutely crazy in this gameplay demo for Bayonetta 2 | Preview | Wii U


Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

Project Morpheus: Street Luge & Eve: Valkyrie Hands-On - E3 | IGN

97 days 14 hours ago - IGN writes: We demo Street Luge and Eve: Valkyrie on PlayStation's prototype VR headset: Project Morpheus. | Preview | PS4


Project Morpheus Hands-On: The Virtual Future Is Very, Very Bright | Gizmodo

97 days 14 hours ago - Gizmodo writes: When Sony announced its intentions to take Oculus Rift head-on, we were excited. The Rift (rightly) gets all of the attention an... | Preview | PS4


E3 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition Overcomes the Many Problems of Its Predecessor | Gamespot

97 days 14 hours ago - Gamespot writes: Dragon Age: Inquisition makes me question my own judgment. I was so taken by BioWare's half-hour presentation that I would have... | Preview | PC


What is the Point of Homefront: The Revolution?

97 days 15 hours ago - If they are to be successful, Crytek will have to ask themselves what they're trying to accomplish with a second stab at a middling IP. | Opinion piece | PC


E3 2014: The Alien is Both Friend and Foe in Alien Isolation | USGamer

97 days 15 hours ago - USGamer: The secret to Isolation's longevity, as it turns out, comes from all the non-alien opponents you face. Portions of the space station yo... | Preview | PC


E3 2014: Destiny Brings MMO Scope to the First-Person Shooter | USGamer

97 days 15 hours ago - USGamer writes: Genres collide all the time, especially these days, when the fundamental expressions of what a video game can be seem to have be... | Preview | Xbox 360


E3 2014: I'm Unreasonably Excited About Mario Maker | USGamer

97 days 15 hours ago - USGamer: Over the past 24 hours, the games industry has collectively shown off a huge number of never-before-announced games. It's a flood of co... | Preview | Wii U


E3 2014: Splatoon Wii U: A Cute Squid Shooter Makes a Great Squad Shooter | USGamer

97 days 15 hours ago - USGamer writes: People give Nintendo a lot of pain for sticking to its old mainstays like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, and Metroid, but th... | Preview | Wii U


Serotonin: Real locations inspire great virtual worlds

97 days 15 hours ago - SBG: Realism in games is a touchy subject. There’s a distinction between praising a game for being “so realistic” and a game verging into “too r... | Opinion piece | Culture


E3 2014: Alien Isolation hands-on impressions | NerdReactor

97 days 15 hours ago - NerdReactor writes: SEGA invited us for a early hands-on sneak peek at some of their titles and I had the opportunity to try out one that’s bee... | Preview | PC


E3 Preview: Fable Legends lets you play the hero and the villain | BGR

97 days 15 hours ago - BGR writes: Fable, like Halo, is one of the many iconic series that have defined the Xbox for years. Although Fable and its sequels didn’t alway... | Preview | Xbox One


Mario Maker E3 Hands-on Preview | NWR

97 days 15 hours ago - NWR writes: Fans have been asking for a Mario level editor for years, and there have been plenty of unsanctioned attempts. Where Nintendo differ... | Preview | Wii U


Preview: Alien: Isolation Xbox One E3 hands-on - the perils of Modern Technology | TotalXbox

97 days 15 hours ago - TotalXbox: I'd say I'm caught between a rock and a hard place, but that would be selling Alien: Isolation short. Rocks don't have slavering, cry... | Preview | PC


E3 2014: Alien: Isolation Hands-On Preview - Don’t Fire That Gun | XBA

97 days 15 hours ago - XBA writes: Alien: Isolation continues to scare the crap out of me. Even in this latest demo, the one I was worried about, the one with guns and... | Preview | PC


Hands-on: Is Destiny the epic Bungie is praying for? | CVG

97 days 15 hours ago - CVG writes: The Bellvue-based developer has been ready and willing to show the world concept art and answer questions. It was quite willing to s... | Preview | Xbox 360


Hands-On: Alien Isolation | RPS

97 days 15 hours ago - RPS: Alien: Isolation is a hybrid of stealth and survival horror. A game where you are a very weak person against a very strong thing, but where... | Preview | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post
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