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"The Best Things In Life, Are Dead."

Warframe Update 17 is Live on Consoles

156 days 17 hours ago - Update 17 has just gone live and with it comes the all new Parkour 2.0 system. While coptering may be gone, the new system should allow for even mo... | News | PS4


First Person Mode Makes 'GTA 5' More Horrible Than Ever

445 days 18 hours ago - Take a GTA story as old as time: you walk down the street, you pull out a shotgun, and you shoot an innocent person to death in the street. Boring,... | Opinion piece | PC


FTG: Only on PC: Gamefly

1418 days 16 hours ago - Friends and fellow mouse-jockeys, it is time for outrage. And if one of you tells me I’m right because of the endings of Mass Effect 3, sit down an... | News | PC

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