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When A Beta Stops Being A Test

1935 days 19 hours ago - TGS: "We are all familiar with companies giving out beta invites to customers in multiple ways. However, beta testing has moved away from testing t... | Article | Dev


That Gaming Site: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Review

1936 days 4 hours ago - TGS: "The newest Castlevania puts a unique multiplayer spin on the classic 2D action-platforming formula." | Review | Xbox 360


That Gaming Site: Hydro Thunder Hurricane Review

1941 days 3 hours ago - TGS: "Hydro Thunder returns to XBLA with a full blown sequel to the coin-op and proves that while it doesn't offer anything new to today's arcade s... | Review | Xbox 360


World of Warcraft Fishing Achievements: Daily Fishing Quests in Dalaran

1946 days ago - TGS writes: "Completing the daily fishing quests in Dalaran will not only earn a player experience (if below level 80), extra gold, and rewards, bu... | Article | PC


PS4 Games To Look Out For In November 2015

Now - With all the amazing titles still to come this year, Releases.com thought it would do you a favor and make it a little bit easier to keep track of... | Promoted post

That Gaming Site: Limbo Review

1949 days 1 hour ago - TGS: "Limbo has you hooked from the moment you see it in motion. This challenging platformer/puzzler will have you dying - a lot." | Review | Xbox 360


World of Warcraft Guide: Daily Cooking Quests in Dalaran

1950 days 9 hours ago - TGS "Completing the five daily cooking quests in Dalaran will not only give the player more recipes and reputation with the Kirin Tor, but they wil... | Article | PC

Netlfix or Hulu Plus? Your Gaming Dollar

1951 days 4 hours ago - TGS: "Netflix now has some competition in the console streaming race, and when trying to estimate value from the two services one comes out clearly... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Making the Team: Examining What Makes Team Based Games Unique

1954 days 4 hours ago - That Gaming Site: "What makes games that require cooperation and teamwork fun and unique." | Article | Culture


TGS: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Preview

1954 days 8 hours ago - TGS: "The streets of Shanghai in present day are calm, quiet. No sense of chaos threatens the world sociopath Lynch now lives in. He seems happy,... | Preview | PC


That Gaming Site: DeathSpank Review

1954 days 12 hours ago - DeathSpank has been unfortunately described by its comparison to other titles. It shouldn't be. DeathSpank stands proudly on its own two feet as an... | Review | Xbox 360


Video Game Purists - Episode 78

1958 days 5 hours ago - TGS writes: "We get a Brit, an American, and Fred in a room and talk about Crackdown 2, Dragon Warrior IX, WoW, Perfect Dark and Oblivion. Fun Tim... | Podcast | Culture

Leveling Difficulty in World of Warcraft: A Retrospective

1958 days 23 hours ago - TGS: "Since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008, leveling a character has become much easier in World of Warcraft. This editorial will loo... | Article | PC


That Gaming Site: Crackdown 2 Review

1960 days 4 hours ago - TGS writes: "Is there more to this sandbox sequel than Orb hunting?" | Review | Xbox 360


World of Warcraft Raid: The Ruby Sanctum

1965 days 3 hours ago - That Gaming Site writes: "The Ruby Sanctum is the new raid instance introduced very recently by Blizzard. Located underneath the Wyrmrest Temple in... | Article | PC


PlayStation Plus: Want vs. Need

1965 days 3 hours ago - TGS writes: "I was in the audience at Sony's E3 press conference this year when they revealed what Playstation Plus (PSPlus), the $49.99/yr subscri... | Article | PS3


Video Game Purists - Episode 77

1966 days 3 hours ago - That Gaming Site writes: "With a special guest host we go OnLive, get Naughty with a Bear, and discuss Blacklight: Tango Down!" | Podcast | Culture

That Gaming Site: Naughty Bear Review

1969 days 3 hours ago - TGS writes: "Naughty Bear isn't quite the game we were expecting and what we got may not be able to withstand today's gaming market." | Review | Xbox 360


Castlevania: The Retrospective Part 5

1969 days 6 hours ago - That Gaming Site writes: "The concluding chapter of That Gaming Site's history of the beloved action-horror franchise, from Curse of Darkness to Th... | Article | Retro


Guide: Using the Random Battleground system in World of Warcraft

1971 days ago - A Random Battleground Finder has recently been introduced by Blizzard which works in a similar way to the Random Dungeon Finder, but is currently o... | Article | PC


Video Game Purists - Episode 76

1972 days 5 hours ago - That Gaming Site writes: "We return to form with Fred and Heffe discussing E3 (don't worry, if you're E3ed out we do it after the normal show), lig... | Podcast | Culture


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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