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Xbox Reveal: Xbox Live Shake Out

331 days 9 hours ago - SPOnG: "When the dust settles after Microsoft's next Xbox console reveal this evening it may not even be the console that takes most of the attenti... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Kinect 2: Do We Need It?

331 days 10 hours ago - SPOnG: "Kinect. It’s a word that strikes horror into the hearts and minds of many hardcore gamers. The Kryptonite for Xbox fans that keeps each Mic... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Xbox Reveal: Entertainment for the Gamers?

331 days 10 hours ago - SPOnG: "Perhaps the most interesting thing that will come out of Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event tonight will be an insight into how the company will... | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Illumiroom: The Next Xbox's Big Innovation

331 days 10 hours ago - SPOnG: "Who says there won’t be any innovation at Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event tonight? The tech giant made (metaphorical and physical) waves with... | Article | Xbox 360


Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

Now - We are buying one lucky N4Ger a PS4 just for commenting on any N4G story! | Promoted post

Kevin Conroy Outs Brand New Batman: Arkham Game

332 days 6 hours ago - SPOnG: "Bothered about the fact that famed Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy won't be appearing in upcoming video game prequel Arkham Origins? Fret n... | News | Industry


SPOnG Interview: Company of Heroes 2 and the Theatre of War

352 days 9 hours ago - SPOnG: "Relic has been working “without distraction” on the upcoming RTS, which focuses on the ‘Forgotten Theatre’ of World War II: the Eastern Fro... | Interview | PC


Firaxis Counters Bushnell: "A Lot of Life Left in Mobile"

352 days 19 hours ago - SPOnG: "Civilization and XCOM developer Firaxis has countered comments by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell that suggested that the mobile industry's ga... | News | iPhone


Haunted Hollow: Firaxis Goes Mobile

352 days 19 hours ago - SPOnG: "Firaxis is dipping its toe into the mobile market, with an interesting new strategy game called Haunted Hollow... It’s the first original I... | Interview | iPhone


Firaxis: "Lots of Optimism" for the Future of XCOM

353 days 14 hours ago - SPOnG: "Firaxis has suggested that its XCOM reboot has met internal commercial expectations, and that the studio has a 'lot of optimism' for the ga... | News | PC


Ed Boon: Injustice is the "First Step" Towards Tackling Other Genres

362 days 20 hours ago - SPOnG: "Netherrealm Studios' Ed Boon has told SPOnG that he'd like his team to 'step out of its comfort zone' and explore new game genres. In an... | News | Xbox 360


Volition: We Didn't Want Saints Row IV to Be a PS4 Launch Title

391 days 8 hours ago - SPOnG: 'Volition has told SPOnG that [i]Saints Row IV[/i] will not be seeing a release on next-generation consoles. Senior producer Jim Boone expla... | News | PC


SPOnG Preview: The Last of Us

400 days 10 hours ago - SPOnG: "There are worse things to be known for than as the ‘Uncharted Studio’. But Naughty Dog is not a developer that wishes to be typecast - and... | Preview | PS3


Hideo Kojima on Metal Gear Rising, Ground Zeroes and Next-Gen

415 days 11 hours ago - The complete interview, only at SPOnG. "Kojima's passion as a game designer - which can put him at odds with his role as a studio leader and produc... | Interview | Xbox 360


Kojima: I Want to Make Metal Gear Rising 2 with Platinum

419 days 6 hours ago - The full story at SPOnG: "Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has heaped a huge amount of praise on Metal Gear Rising developer Platinum Games, r... | News | Xbox 360


Is Pokemon X and Y's Handheld Exclusivity a Surprise? Nope!

462 days 8 hours ago - "Exclusive SPOnG interview uncovers the mystery - Hardcore Pokemon fans will have already read SPOnG's Game Freak interview from 2011, and know the... | News | 3DS


Leaked Footage of Cancelled Streets of Rage Remake Hits the Internet

498 days 10 hours ago - SPOnG: "Gameplay footage of a proposed Streets of Rage "re-imagining" has been leaked on the internet. The project was being developed by Ruffian G... | Video | PC


SPOnG Interview: Dead Island Riptide

498 days 17 hours ago - SPOnG managed to sit down with creative producer Sebastian Reichert to learn more about the direction of Dead Island Riptide, and the impact on dev... | Interview | PC


Halo 4: The Doritos Experience

531 days 9 hours ago - SPOnG: "Doritos and Mountain Dew have been around for a long time, but not quite like this. With the release of Halo 4 right around the corner, the... | Article | Xbox 360


Darksiders: Gunplay-Heavy Sequel Will Not Alienate Fans

629 days 7 hours ago - SPOnG: "Lead designer Haydn Dalton told SPOnG that, although the studio will likely introduce new gunplay mechanics as a primary focus, there will... | News | PC


Gearbox: Borderlands Could Go Beyond Pandora

636 days 7 hours ago - SPOnG: Gearbox has suggested that the Borderlands series could explore outer space and other planets, when the riches of Pandora have been fully ex... | News | PC


ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

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