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GameXplain: Hands-On - Why Guild Wars 2 Is Better Than Other MMOs

1966 days 18 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "I'll come right out and say it. Guild Wars 2 was my favorite game of PAX. It's strange to say that because I'm honestly not a f... | Preview | PC


GameXplain: TGS 2010 - Dance Evolution Hands-On

1966 days 21 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "With my first Kinect game experience, I'm not sure if it actually qualifies as a hands-on since they were flailing around in th... | Preview | Xbox 360


GameXplain: TGS 2010 - Tokyo Jungle Hands-On

1966 days 22 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "There's an unwritten rule that if a game features a playable savage, sweater-wearing pomeranian that needs to hunt for its surv... | Preview | PS3


GameXplain: TGS 2010 - El Shaddai Hands-On Impressions

1966 days 22 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "To clear things up, Metatron from Transformers did not appear in the demo nor was it related to Transformers in anyway. Fortuna... | Preview | Xbox 360


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

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TGS 2010: Pictures of the Show Floor Experience

1966 days 22 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Alright, maybe by 'experience,' I mean booth babes. " | Article | Nintendo DS


GameXplain: Disney's Guilty Party Review

1970 days 20 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "I’ll just keep saying it again and again. Guilty Party is a mutliplayer title at it’s core. To that end, it’s largely enjoyable... | Review | Wii


GameXplain: TGS 2010 - Yakuza: Of The End Eyes-On Impressions

1970 days 22 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Following the pattern of showing off a new Yakuza game at TGS with 95% pre-rendered cut scenes, then multiple hostess pictures... | Preview | PS3


GameXplain: TGS 2010 - Mega Man Universe Hands-On

1970 days 23 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "A surprise to the eyes was to see Mega Man Universe at TGS. Previously put on my "I don't care" radar to "Hey, it has a level e... | Preview | Wii


Halo Reach: The Game & Watch

1973 days 18 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "This week, the GameXplain crew travels to Reach in the latest Halo game! Join us as we explore the first level and note some in... | Video | Xbox 360


GameXplain: Kane & Lynch Dog Days Review

1977 days 19 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Does anyone remember the original Kane & Lynch for anything other than the debacle that occurred at GameSpot because of it? Did... | Review | PC


All-Star Roundtable: Xbox Li$e

1979 days 17 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Avengers, assemble! Marc N. Kleinhenz has summoned several leading voices from GameXplain, TotalPlayStation, and IGN to tackle... | Opinion piece | Wii


PAX 2010: Duke Nukem Forever Blows; Gets Blown

1981 days 16 hours ago - GameXplain writes: "I suppose I was just as intrigued as anyone when 2K announced that Gearbox (a company who I’ve quite liked since the impossibly... | Preview | PC


GameXplain: Hands-On with PlayStation Move

1981 days 17 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Apparently I’ve been living under a rock this whole time, but I am embarrassed to admit that I've finally gotten around to givi... | Preview | PS3


All-Star Roundtable: Bioshock Infinite

1986 days 18 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Avengers, assemble! Marc N. Kleinhenz has summoned several leading voices from different gaming publications to deconstruct and... | Opinion piece | PC


Metroid: Other M Game & Watch -- Spoiler Edition

1987 days 7 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "This week, Andre and Micah spend more than a little time with one of the later areas in Metroid: Other M. If you're wary of spo... | Video | Wii


Disney's Guilty Party - Game & Watch

1991 days 15 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Join the GameXplain crew as we take a video tour of the surprisingly enjoyable Guilty Party." | Video | Wii


GameXplain: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Review

1991 days 18 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "I'm in the middle of my own personal fighting game renaissance. I have played fighting games in the past and enjoyed them, but... | Review | Xbox 360


GameXplain: Crackdown 2 Review

1999 days 15 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "The first Crackdown was largely an anomaly. It was a semi-anticipated game that skyrocketed to the upper echelons of gaming pop... | Review | Xbox 360


GameXplain: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Review

1999 days 15 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "When I booted up Castlevania: Harmony of the Despair for the first time, I had no idea what to expect. The only things I knew a... | Review | Xbox 360


GameXplain: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Review

2000 days 14 hours ago - GameXplain Writes: "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World should have been great. After hearing all the positive buzz about the game, seeing the excellent mo... | Review | PS3


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