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DiRT Rally may be getting a physical PC release next month

5 days 15 hours ago - DiRT Rally is to receive a physical release on PC next month, according to a listing by Amazon Germany, suggesting the game may be due to exit Earl... | News | PC


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival & Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash fail to crack UK Top 40

5 days 18 hours ago - Nintendo's latest Wii U exclusives Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash have failed to crack the UK Video Games Top 40 Ch... | News | Wii U


Need For Speed survey fields interest in Drag Racing, Photo Mode, new story missions & more

5 days 19 hours ago - EA has begun asking Need For Speed players for their thoughts on what they would like to see included in the game in the future, fielding their int... | News | PC


Star Wars Battlefront sold almost 50% more physical units on PS4 than Xbox One & PC combined [UK]

6 days 18 hours ago - Star Wars Battlefront sold almost 50% more physical copies on PS4 than Xbox One and PC combined, according to figures released by GFK Chart Track. | News | PC


See What TV Series Premiers this Month

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Amazon to offer midnight deliveries of Star Wars Battlefront

11 days 20 hours ago - Amazon customers in London and Birmingham can get Star Wars Battlefront delivered to their home at midnight tonight by taking advantage of the reta... | News | PC


'We're making Xbox One the most attractive console to buy' this Christmas, says Microsoft

16 days 6 hours ago - Xbox One's line-up of exclusive games, brand new features and upcoming deals will help make "the Xbox One the most attractive console to buy" this... | News | Xbox One


Two-thirds of physical Need For Speed sales were on PS4

20 days 20 hours ago - The PS4 version of Need For Speed managed to outsell the Xbox One version by 2:1 during its first week on sale, according to data released by UK sa... | News | PS4


Need For Speed to receive a 'substantial amount' of DLC - but it'll all be free

26 days 13 hours ago - EA intends to release a "substantial amount" of free DLC for Need For Speed, creative director Craig Sullivan has revealed, stressing that the publ... | News | PC


2016 is 'going to be a very big year for Titanfall', says Respawn

31 days 19 hours ago - Zampella promises Titanfall 2 reveal will be "worth the wait". | News | PC


PS4 console sales now 'well over 25 million'

32 days 17 hours ago - PS4 console sales now stand at "well over 25 million", SCE Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny has confirmed. | News | PS4


Need For Speed EA Access trial offers 10 hours access to the full game

32 days 19 hours ago - Need For Speed's EA Access trial will offer 10 hours of unrestricted access to the full game, EA has confirmed. | News | Xbox One


Nissan is turning a car into a video game controller

37 days 8 hours ago - Nissan has announced plans to turn one of its cars into a controller capable of playing PES 2016. | News | PS4


Guitar Hero Live developer responds to microtransaction concerns

37 days 17 hours ago - FreeStyle Games has defended its decision to integrate microtransactions into Guitar Hero Live, explaining that it simply wanted to "provide a lot... | News | Xbox 360


Spencer: I don't know if Xbox One can beat PS4

51 days 20 hours ago - Xbox chief Phil Spencer has admitted that he doesn't know whether Microsoft will be able to overtake Sony this generation, acknowledging that PS4 h... | News | PS4


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection 'has the power to be a system seller', says Sony

52 days 13 hours ago - Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection has the potential to be one of PS4's major system-sellers in the UK this Christmas, Sony has said, telling M... | News | PS4


This UK insurance company sadly won't cover your Metal Gear Solid 5 FOB

53 days 21 hours ago - The option to insure your Forward Operating Base against enemy invasions was introduced to Metal Gear Solid 5 earlier today. But as with home and m... | News | PC


Metal Gear Solid 5's female DLC outfit 'can be unzipped for a tactical advantage'

54 days 3 hours ago - One of Metal Gear Solid 5's new female DLC outfits can be "unzipped for a tactical advantage" in the game, according to its description. | News | PC


Rainbow Six Siege beta is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

66 days 16 hours ago - Rainbow Six Siege's multiplayer beta will run at 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox One, Ubisoft has confirmed. The game is expected to run at 60fps on... | News | PS4


Destiny, Borderlands & other games may not work in the New Xbox One Experience Preview test

73 days 21 hours ago - A range of Xbox One games, including Destiny: The Taken King, Skylanders and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, may not work during the initial... | News | Xbox One


Grand Ages: Medieval delayed on PS4

76 days 20 hours ago - The PS4 version of historical strategy game Grand Ages: Medieval has been delayed to October 9, Kalypso has confirmed. | News | PS4


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