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Yahoo Games: Most Anticipated Games of 2011

1864 days ago - It's gonna be good. 2011 may be young, but it's already shaping up to be a truly memorable year for gamers. Huge sequels to some of the strongest f... | Article | PC


Sony TV's Google TV Exclusive for Holiday Season

1950 days 6 hours ago - Sony will be the only TV manufacturer this holiday that can boast having native Google TV, a software platform that lets users access the Internet... | News | Tech


NZGamer: ModNation Racers Review

2110 days 3 hours ago - Being compared to a game as universally loved as LBP sets some pretty high expectations, but I have to say: ModNation Racers effortlessly meets (an... | Review | PS3


VideoGamer: Lost Planet 2 Review

2110 days 3 hours ago - It feels like a completely different experience with real players at your side; an experience that betters the original and features some of the mo... | Review | PC


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EuroGamer Italy: Lost Planet 2 Review

2110 days 3 hours ago - Although the substantial lack of gameplay innovations and the excessive attention towards multiplayer can’t be ignored, Lost Planet 2 proves to be... | Review | PC


CVG: ModNation Racers Review

2110 days 3 hours ago - Little problems like this, however, barely even make a scratch on this beautifully fun, frantic, deep and deliberately tongue in cheek racer, which... | Review | PS3


Edge Review: Modnation Racers

2110 days 3 hours ago - The result is a triumphant toolset attached to a decent stab at the karting genre. Although LBP has the edge in terms of visual charm and broke the... | Review | PS3


Top Ten Greatest Music Tracks on PSone

2152 days 6 hours ago - If there's one aspect that sparks both intrigue and obsession among players in videogames, it has to be the soundtrack. Whether it's the evocative... | Article | 11

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