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"R.I.P. to Hiroshi Yamauchi. You were the greatest president gaming has ever seen. "

Ten Years Later and EVE Online is Still Insane

936 days 3 hours ago - Most 10 year olds want a new video game for their birthday, EVE had different ideas. Three days ago, on May 5th a player announced where they woul... | Opinion piece | PC


GAME lists early October FIFA 14 release date

937 days 18 hours ago - FIFA 13 launched in the US on September 25 last year and FIFA 12 on September 27 the year before, with European releases following a few days later. | Rumor | PC


The Places of Our Past: Exploring the Emotional Intimacy of Gone Home

938 days 3 hours ago - Gamespot: "Gone Home's remarkable sense of time and place frames a fascinating story waiting to be discovered in this upcoming exploration-based ga... | Article | PC


These Five PlayStation Vita Games Are Exclusive To PlayStation Plus Members In Japan

938 days 5 hours ago - PlayStation Plus got off to a slow start in Japan. Game still trickle in at a much slower rate, but there are quality titles like Virtue’s Last Rew... | Article | PS Vita


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Calling 'Bullshot' On False Game Advertising

938 days 10 hours ago - IGN Game Scoop confronts false advertising in the game industry, head-on in this video discussion. | Video | Culture


EA, The Death or The Rebirth of The Star Wars Videogame Franchise?

938 days 10 hours ago - A little over a month after Disney decided to shut down LucasArts studio, Ea announced earlier today, that they had become the exclusive publisher... | Opinion piece | Culture


Army Of Two: Devil’s Cartel And Why Gaming Needs “Dumb” Games

938 days 14 hours ago - There’s been a real push this generation to improve game stories. That’s not to say that good stories are unique to recent games, the likes of Meta... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


DICE Director Explains Why Frostbite 3 will not be on WiiU

938 days 16 hours ago - The technical director for Frostbite, Johan Andersson has announced on twitter why Frostbite 3 will not be on the WiiU. | News | Wii U


Will Mario Kart be the first title on the Wii U to support two gamepads?

938 days 20 hours ago - With E3 2013 right around the corner, rumors have been popping up everywhere about what Nintendo will be bringing to the table this year. The one t... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Now This Is How I Imagine Samus Looking

938 days 22 hours ago - Kotaku: It always baffles me when people go out of their way to make Metroid's Samus look "beautiful". As if that matters. There's a reason her gen... | Image | Culture


To Fund Gaming Habit, Two Teens Steal Electrical Cables

938 days 22 hours ago - There's no doubt that China is currently going through an industrial revolution of sorts right now. Pretty much in every city in the country is und... | News | Culture


Japanese Person Picked Zelda's Triforce for Tombstone, Apparently

939 days ago - "It's like Zelda," wrote another Twitter user. "Yep, what you said, lol", replied @mahosyouzyo, who agreed that it was a Triforce and claimed to be... | News | Culture


The Drop: Week of May 6th 2013 New Releases

939 days 1 hour ago - Terror returns with Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly as PlayStation 2 Classic on PSN. The journey takes you to a whole new setting: an abandoned v... | News | PSP


GTA 5 o' clock: GTA V Franklin Trailer Analysis

939 days 22 hours ago - CVG: "GTA V Franklin Trailer Analysis. Th GTA V o'clock team take Franklin's trailer and pull out all the things you missed." | Video | Xbox 360


Super Mario Bros.: The Movie Returns to Theaters for 20th Anniversary Screening

939 days 23 hours ago - The live-action adaptation Super Mario Bros. movie will be screened at the NuArt Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 24. | News | Culture


GTA 5 o' clock: Michael Trailer Analysed

940 days 7 hours ago - GTA 5 o' clock: Michael Trailer Analysed: In this GTA 5 o' clock special, the team take an in-depth look at the brand new GTA 5 trailers. In this e... | Video | Xbox 360


Wii Remember

942 days 13 hours ago - The release of Pandora’s Tower in North America was a special event, not because it was the culmination of Operation Rainfall’s heroic attempt to g... | Opinion piece | Wii


LIVE Activity for week of April 22nd

943 days 6 hours ago - Here are the top Xbox 360 LIVE Titles for the week of April 22, 2013. | News | Xbox 360


Preview: GTA V Reinvents the Open-World Rules Again | CVG

943 days 7 hours ago - Insane ambition meets supreme confidence in Rockstar's latest. It starts with a drop. Franklin - street hustler, getaway driver, repo man - is in t... | Preview | Xbox 360


Toukiden - Second demo in development for PSP and Vita

943 days 9 hours ago - A second Toukiden demo is being developed for the PlayStation Vita, and this one will be released simultaneously on the PSP as well, Tecmo Koei hav... | News | PSP


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post
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