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Chasm will include six unique procedurally generated areas, will not be a "stock fantasy universe"

838 days 11 hours ago - Chasm, a "2D Fantasy ARPG Platformer featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art," is due for release in May 201... | News | PC


"The game is not horror because of her mental state," says Fran Bow dev

838 days 11 hours ago - Fran Bow is a horror point and click adventure which sees protagonist Fran sent to a mental institution. BeefJack caught up with developer Killmond... | News | PC


"I know f* all about the creative process," says Ron Gilbert dancing naked on top of ideas

861 days 10 hours ago - Industry veteran Ron Gilbert delivered the keynote speech at this year’s inaugural PAX Australia in Melbourne. Creativity was the theme and Gilbert... | News | Culture


Ensemble Online enters pre-order, proceeds to fund Indies Crash E3 2014

872 days ago - SemiFormal Studios' Indies Crash E3 campaign invited ten lucky indies to showcase their wares at this year's E3, piggy backing off of SemiFormal's... | News | E3


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Two Tribes director says passing on Toki Tori/Angry Birds collaboration was "worst decision ever"

873 days 11 hours ago - Videogame development can be particularly unforgiving, and luck and timing must be considered key factors of success. Two Tribes director Martijn R... | News | PC


Violence can be a "very useful tool to tell your story" if used correctly says Jenova Chen

879 days 17 hours ago - Thatgamecompany's games aren't necessarily ones you would associate with violence. In a recent interview, designer Jenova Chen pointed out that no... | News | PSP


Indies Crash E3 preview round-up

882 days 19 hours ago - Among the glitz, glamour and obtuse marketing of the big players at E3, there were a few indie devs modestly showing their wares. BeefJack went to... | Preview | PC


Zeboyd Games targets Sony and Nintendo after "mis-communication" from Microsoft

886 days 7 hours ago - Zeboyd Games’ Bill Stiernberg has spoken of how he feels the JRPG market is still as active as ever – even although it’s “under-served” by big publ... | News | PC


Redshirt to be "80% sci-fi puns" says indie developer Mitu Khandaker

887 days 12 hours ago - Redshirt is an upcoming indie game about social networking in space. Lone developer Mitu Khandaker spoke at Rezzed 2013 about the game's premise, a... | News | PC


Project Zomboid multiplayer will be fun with or without zombies says developer Andy Hodgetts

888 days 23 hours ago - The Indie Stone's first commercial release Project Zomboid has had its ups and considerable share of downs. Speaking at Rezzed 2013, developer Andy... | News | PC


Ensemble Online to include wanted systems and bounties to combat griefing

889 days ago - Griefing is an affliction synonymous with online gaming. SemiFormal Studios' forthcoming MMORTS Ensemble Online is set to introduce some interestin... | News | PC


Modern Aging: Blue Marble Game Co on the benefits of neuro gaming, at any age

889 days 5 hours ago - Blue Marble is a game company specialising in neuro games. One of their games, Zoezi Park, aims to introduce older people aged 65 and over to gamin... | News | Culture


A suicide attempt is not an invitation for cruelty, it's the very opposite

927 days 10 hours ago - Joe from BeefJack takes a look at the events which took place this week involving indie dev Chloe Sagal and why our evolving culture of hatred in t... | Opinion piece | Culture


"The hardest part was my penis," says Dean Evans on making Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

935 days 9 hours ago - Dean Evans, creative director of off-the-wall 80s future throwback Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, enjoyed an equally as zany Reddit AMA yesterday whereup... | News | PC


Steam needs more curators not Greenlight, says Indie Game Stand founder

945 days 7 hours ago - Co-founder of Indie Game Stand Mike Gnade has spoken of the difficulties Steam's Greenlight creates for indie developers and how he'd rather do wit... | News | PC


9 year old's Kickstarter campaign gets funded, 'Truth and Trolls' set for July release

951 days 11 hours ago - Today, Susan Wilson spoke of the project's surplus funding, and how it won't be fully accounted for "until the game's completion", as well its on-g... | News | PC


74% of SimCity players prefer previous game

952 days 15 hours ago - A SimCity forum poll has revealed 74% of players found SimCity 4 "more fun" than Maxis and EA's latest rendition, ahead of today's much anticipated... | News | PC


Office of Fair Trading to 'impose legal requirements' if free-to-play games found unlawful in UK

962 days 10 hours ago - Free-to-play games are to be investigated by The Office of Fair Trading in the UK as it is thought they may unfairly pressure children or encourage... | News | Mobile


Divekick can revive value of beat 'em ups says Iron Galaxy Studios

963 days 10 hours ago - One True Game and Iron Galaxy Studios team members Dave Lang and Adam Heart spoke of their desire to attract new players to the beat 'em up genre w... | News | PC


Sega pursued by UK Advertising Standards Agency over Aliens: Colonial Marines

971 days 15 hours ago - The Advertising Standards Agency contacted Sega Europe regarding the misleading quality of footage displayed in their Aliens: Colonial Marines trai... | News | PC


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post
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